Hi guys, just a head’s up: I’m extremely pleased to announce that Chris Taylor’s classic PC RTS, Total Annihilation is now available exclusively on Impulse.

Originally developed by Cavedog back in 1997, the rights eventually came into the hands of Atari who has given us permission to re-release it.

Stardock is handling the support for Total Annihilation directly and includes a new launcher that helps automatically configure the game for modern systems, streamlines getting multiplayer games going and includes easy access to tips and tricks for getting the most out of it.

As part of Stardock’s support for the game, it will be releasing subsequent updates (with Atari’s permission) to further streamline multiplayer, incorporate Impulse Reactor and work with fan sites to incorporate new content into the “official” release. It will also be further enhancing the release to prepare it for eventual availability on other digital distributors.

The package includes Total Annihilation + Core Contingency as a single integrated package.

More information…

Well I guess I am going to go buy it!

edit - aaaand bought. Can’t wait to play again after 11 years!

Here’s a link to a screenshot of it at 2500x1600:

You know, TA is still one of my favorite RTS games. I think I’ll buy a copy just out of sheer loyalty.

Oh shit Brad, that is awesome.

Oddly enough, I was just wondering why TA hadn’t made it to GoG or any other digitial distro sites. I’ll pick this up when I get home from work today, and Brad, will you see what you can do about getting Rise of Nations up on the Impulse store? ;)

Yea, we’re pretty excited. Also, Chris Taylor is available to media for questions regarding the re-release ([email protected] – not technical support).

And rise of legends please. Would just about pay good money to play that again.

Damn! This is epic win!

Edit: …And bought!

Very interesting. I wonder if it holds up?

Fantastic news, and I’m glad to contribute a few bucks to the coffers!

As for RoN, I can certainly attest that it has aged pretty well. The graphics are a bit grainy on modern large monitors but they’re still attractive enough and the gameplay is top notch. RoL actually seems to be a little worse for the wear imo, but it’s still quite fun and I’d think worth adding to fold.

Wouldn’t it be really funny if people started emailing him with questions like, ‘my video card doesn’t work’, and ‘my mouse is lagging’ blah blah. Okay, not funny.

It’s not clear if it runs under Vista/Win 7. It requires XP, but does it run under the two newer OS’s?

Sounds juicy, I wish impulse had more stuff I could buy from them from europe :(

Am I doing something wrong or is there no ingame music :(
Tried skirmish and campaign for a few minutes and no Jeremy Soule magnificence :’(

Oh no, i just ordered SC2, Empire a couple days ago, BC2 before that… Heavy Rain…

I probably need to stop coming to the Games forum.

According to the file manifest:
There should be a music subdirectory containing 16 mp3 files corresponding with the cd audio tracks of the original release. As such, I conclude there should be music, and you are in fact doing something wrong. Check the options menu, you can also test the music from there.

GOG called, they want their marketing niche back.
I guess i will be buying this again just so i don’t download 5 unofficial and official patches and mess about with disks.

I’ll likely play it once a year as usual.

[bitching]Hey Brad, your distribution platform hasn’t got the 1.7.2 patch of sword of the stars, can you get a minion to press the button to launch the update satelite into orbit?

The mp3s are there, but ingame in the menu I have music turned on, but at the same time it says “no disc” and the music just doesn’t play ingame (or in the options menu). I hope it will get fixed.

You’d imagine they’d test something like that…
As a test, can you put in an audio cd, and see whether the game still tries (and can) play the music from the disc drive? If so, it appears that they have in fact not changed the music playing behavior at all.
Surely they don’t expect you to burn the MP3 files to a cd audio disc?

Also, I see there is a “TALaunch.exe” executable in addition to the normal “totala.exe” file. Does it make a difference which executable you run to start the game?