In case a Battleship movie wasn't enough, how about an entire TV show of Risk?

Title In case a Battleship movie wasn't enough, how about an entire TV show of Risk?
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When January 11, 2021

Hasbro will not be stopped after a Battleship movie. Now they're announcing a Risk TV series. Which will probably last for about six insufferable hours and then collapse after an acrimonious argument among friends..

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Been there done that.

Not that I want to pay too much mind to Risk strategy, but isn’t going for Australia suboptimal if you’re trying to win? It seems like a sure bet to get second, but it’s difficult to expand from Australia because Asia is impossible to hold. Whereas South America offers easy expansion into North America which only has three borders that need defending, and only two if you already have South America.

Also, lol Risk TV series.

Edit: Bad game or not, those are some nice-looking playing pieces in the image, though. I love the pink ones and wooden cubes are always and forever better than plastic minis in most circumstances.

No Liam Neeson somehow looking bored while yelling “All of them!” when an officer asks which guns to fire? No sale.

That was the set I had growing up. The 5’s were these little hotdog type 3 sided affairs.

It was positively old when I inherited it, was my dads from when he was a kid.

Two-player Risk. LOL. As if!


Are they going to make this before or after the Monopoly movie? (There was the Ridley Scott version they announced a decade ago and a Kevin Hart version they announced in 2019…)

I caught a glimpse of a young Bryan Cranston in that clip!

And I have seen the Fortress Australia strategy work too many times to discount it completely. If the timing is right, I think it can definitely be a game winner.

I love Risk. I’ll be watching this.

Axis and Allies > Risk

Dude, everything except Monopoly > Risk


This show’s season is gonna spend most of the time setting shit up, and then be boring and not fun.

So… a TV show about a world war. We haven’t seen that before.

I’m sure they will they work hard on the writing to set up something to tie back to the game.

“Yeah, going through Australia is a gamble. But I’m willing to roll the dice on that.”

My only question is which actors will play which cubes?

Every day I wake and think…‘The world can’t possibly get any dumber’…every day, I am proven wrong.

End of days.

That’s like an Alex P. Keaton line.

I hope the show is about Secret Mission Risk, the only tolerable way to play.

See my theory is this will either be really good, or a hideous disaster. Either way it should be entertaining lol.

I’m envisaging the pieces descending out of the sky like Arrival: