In search of a mouse


Ok, I created a logitech support account and submitted a request. My purchase was June 15th, 2015 so I hope it is still under warranty. I love this mouse.


Just got a G305, because I felt like it.

It’s really damn good. I have to adjust to a little bit of extra width in the palm and the side buttons being slightly forward compared to the ec2a that I’m used to, but it’s very close in weight and size.

The future feels pretty terrific. Finally I can ditch the mouse bungie and not feel like I’m losing anything.


I picked up a Cooler Master MM520 recently, because I gave away my CM Xornet to a relative. The Xornet is a fantasic mouse for my mini hands in a fingertip grip. The new MM520 is actually much bigger, and might be the same size and height as the aforementioned G305. So far I still like it, but I wish it was smaller.


I am looking for a cheap mouse for my old netbook. I use it to stream Dominions 5 from my desktop, and the last 4 dollar mouse… Broke. No surprise, it was 4 dollars and you get what you pay for. But the price points on mice varies so much, what is the best basic mouse on the market. No frills, wired, and can stand to be dropped a few times?


Twenty bucks.


Thanks, but I’m really looking for a wired mouse. I’m also trying to spend much less than 20 dollars on a mouse. That’s probably more than the computer is worth.


Well, if you can get past the fugly, this one is well-reviewed.


That is very flugly, but it does fit my needs. I’ll take a look.

Thank you for the links!


You can turn the lighting off, at which point it should be just like a light grey pattern on the surface.


He said wired, not weird


Did I come across that way? If so, I am sorry about that.


Nothing wrong with the Havit brand, fwiw. Been using one of theirs for several months and I like it a lot.


I just learned something astonishing: not all gaming mice have on-board memory. The only way to disable the RGB lighting on this Razer Deathadder Elite is to keep their software running in the background.

Back into the box you go.

Any recommendations for this? I add a Mionix Naos 7000 that was fine except the scroll wheel broke. I kind of miss the little side areas to rest my thumb and pinky finger. But I’m not really sure.

I only need it for desktop work and shooters. I’m willing to pay $100 if it’s really worth it, but I don’t need bells and whistles aside from a couple thumb buttons and on-board memory to store DPI settings. I seem to appreciate a good scroll wheel too.


I use a G602 which amazon carries for a very reasonable $37.

Wireless, 2 AA batteries. I just swap eneloops in every once in a while. 3 DPI settings. You do need the software to do the settings. Last time I did that I ran W7. I don’t even have the software in W10, I use microsoft drivers.

Don’t let the side buttons overwhelm you, I only use the forward and back buttons.

$25 for the next 16 hours.


I’m pretty happy with my Razer Naga Trinity, but that’s so cheap it’s worth trying out!

Edit - huh, why was this thread bumped? Well, that mouse is $25 right now, too.


it got bumped when i edited the price change for today. I happened to be browsing gold box. The m502 is $14 or something too, that’s a decent productivity mouse.