In search of a mouse

Ah, I see. Makes sense, thank you.

Grrr. The laser on my brand-new Logitech G5 just blew within the first 30 seconds of use. Buttons still work, wheel works, sensitivity adjuster works, cursor doesn’t move. Because there’s fucking light on the bottom of the mouse.


I just bought a G5 from Bestbuy Canada (well at FutureShop pricematched) for $49.99, it’s quite good.

Logitech G5 for $44 from Newegg. Use coupon code EMCAJBKCB for free shipping; think you need to be a newsletter subscriber to use it. There’s also a $15 rebate until 8/25.


Truth. My G7 is fucked. Battery just dies in 2 hours of use now, and it stops intermittently. I’ve had to switch back to my old MX518.

I need a replacement, ASAP.

Forgive my mouse ignorance, but what’s free-spinning?

Did the old Logitech mouse designer get fired or something? Their mice have been looking uglier and uglier lately.

Any of the logitech mice with the fantastic, weighted metal scroll wheel. MX Revolution (a bit large), VX Revolution (good middle size), VX Nano (superb tiny notebook/travel mouse) or G9 (similar but lacks the tilt of the others).

On the Mac using Logitech’s drivers (stick with lcc 2.6), the result is an incredibly smooth, sub-pixel scrolling mouse that has to be used to be appreciated. It will, however, spoil you forever. I don’t think there is a Windows equivalent even from Logitech.

looks like the mx1100 review just went up:

It’s a flywheel.

Well well well…
So anyway, last month i started using ebay. The main reason ? To find and purchase Logitech Trackman Stationary mice. And did I get some ? I have 4 now, with a brand new one to boot. My last one lasted 15 years (yup, since '93) and it only “died” because in a fit of rage, I took a Phillips screwdriver to it. Then my second one did “die” after a short while (around one year …or so.) I still have it and may get a “doctor” to look at it. Anyway, none of you would understand this and I just wrote this to do so. I’ll also keep an eye out in case I come across more. I really want 5-6 or even 7 in total so that I never run out. Without these mice I can not really play too many games. It just has to be these mice. I also found a couple of other things on ebay that I purchased. Tra la la.
(Oh and I found out what these two long keys on the left/right do. I just assumed they were pinball flippers when playing pinball games.) Also I hate programmers that do not let me remap any key to my mouse buttons or when they ignore my 3rd button completely.

Mario, welcome to the ebay and to the internet.

To bring you up to speed, here is a video you might not have seen:

Tra la la.

As promised, my long drought of no “new mouse for no good reason” came to an end earlier this week when I picked up the G9.

Strangely, I see numerous claims that the G9’s wheel has no side-scrolling functionality when in fact it does. You can even see the two little arrows to either side of the wheel indicating the tilt ability. :) Fortunately, the wheel sits much lower than on the G5 and so the tilt part never gets in the way.

However, despite a laundry list of excellent features, there were two things that ended up being deal-breakers for me with the G9.

The first is that mousewheel. Yes, it is solid and scrolls wonderfully, but to use it as a middle mouse button requires more force than normal. For occasional use it’s not a big deal but I use the middle button a lot in gaming and just found it awkward to use the scrollwheel as a button on a regular basis.

The second problem is the shape of the mouse itself. It is shorter than Logitech’s other mice and the back end does not taper down, it is more “shorn off”. This means the mouse works best if you have small hands or prefer to “finger” the mouse instead of resting your palm on it. After a few days of using the G9 I realized I am a palm-on-mouse kinda guy. The G9 just isn’t designed for that.

In the end I reluctantly unplugged the G9 and set up the DeathAdder again. Thinking it over now, I realize that what I want is something similar to the DeathAdder but with a few buttons on the top of the mouse. I’m mulling over the Razer Lachesis and Microsoft Habu while looking to place my barely-used G9 in a good home.

I thought there were no Logitech drivers for the G9? Thinking about picking up this mouse, so I’m really curious if I need to use a third party driver.

Also- my KVM I use between my Mac/PC only has USB 1.1 ports on it… Will this cause an issue for any of the more recent mice? My Mx518 works fine through it.

The last time I acquainted myself with the Razer/MS mice, they had the funkiest driver install I’d ever seen. You had to install the drivers from the CD, then download new drivers that you had to install on top of the CD drivers, otherwise it didn’t work. Well being accustomed to just going online to get the latest drivers, I did that, screwed up the install and could never get the Razer/MS mouse to work.

I don’t know – I’ve used all of the others without problem, but they’re all listed as compatible right on the box. I haven’t tried a G9 yet.

Hey, you’re right! I had a tilt wheel on my mouse and didn’t even know it… I guess it’s because the wheel doesn’t “feel” like a tilt wheel, as you say. It sits very low and doesn’t waggle about when you touch it.

Now why doesn’t that surprise me?

I’ve had pretty bad experiences with Logitech mice, and Logitech peripherals in general.

Scroll wheels that first register a notch of movement in the wrong direction, mouse buttons that stick and make crunching noises, rubber siding peeling off after only 2 months of use, joysticks that begin to drift after only a few hours playing, steering wheels that break after a month even though I was very gentle with it…

But somehow, I always keep buying their shit. I can’t help it, but their products just look so sexy, and I always think I’ll be luckier with the next purchase…