In this thread we're going to cancel (or renew!) your favorite show


YAY! Love Crazy Ex-Girlfriend!


Lol. Didn’t even notice.


This does seem to back up the movement (which I approve of) for broadcast to focus on live events and for scripted TV to go to subscription/publicly funded services. Network TV is just bad at scripted shows, partly for censorship reasons and partly for risk aversion and the drive for episodic content that can be dipped into. Every so often something good will slip through the cracks, but the chances are it will either be cancelled way too early or stretched out far too long (not that subscription TV is immune to the latter).


Good news! Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was renewed by The CW today.


Rachel Bloom tweeted earlier that season 4 will be the final season also.


CW Renewed 10 shows, including all 5 DC super hero shows, as well.


Yep, renewals for their second-half season shows will wait until May. (That’s The 100, iZombie, etc.)


While that is super fucking sad, it makes total sense, really.


The ratings would have had it cancelled at season 1, but someone at the CW really liked it (or doubted literally anything else they could get would be any better).


Haaaaaave you seen the ratings for other CW shows? ;)

It’s been kinda clear now for a year or two that the CW has morphed into a place where CBS places shows not because they’ll ever make money via commercial ad rates, but rather so those shows can hit a minimum number of episodes and be sold or licensed to syndication and streaming.

That’s what has kept CEG, Jane The Virgin and iZombie among others on the air for as long as they’ve been…and as soon as they surpass that episode limit, adios.

The expansion of CW programming to Sundays also means that they need a little more content, which also doesn’t hurt.


Yeah, for sure. Those three shows would have been cut after a half season at any other network. But even then, CEG has had absymal ratings. I think they had one other show that was worse for a while, maybe Reign?


Dynasty hit a 0.1 in the 18-49 demo a couple weeks ago, and even it got picked up. (It rebounded a little.) It does make me wonder how the networks are staying afloat as ratings are so much lower than they used to be.


Rosanne is a smash hit with a rating that would have gotten you cancelled on CBS ten years ago. I do wonder how much streaming right must now play into a show’s success. It can make things awkward for shows made at different studios than the network they run on, though.


It has become a major factor. All those CW shows with tiny ratings are surviving because they’re CBS owned, and CBS owns (in part) the CW. And trackers like the TV Grim Reaper and the Cancel Bear now figure network ownership into their cancel/renew forecasts fairly heavily.




Some renewal news I saw lately about shows I watch: Good Girls has been renewed on NBC. Yay! The Resident has been renewed on Fox. I watched that one occasionally. It’s just a medical drama, but it’s oddly depressing and cynical, which makes it different from most medical dramas.

Sunday’s season finale of Last Man on Earth was excellent as usual, so I was delighted to see an article about it on my newsfeed. Unfortunately, it’s also about how low the ratings are for that show. The only shows it mentions with lower ratings on networks are Brooklyn Nighty Nine (oh no! I love that show) and some CW shows.

Luckily it says most people still give it decent odds for renewal since it’s a show owned by the network.

Please please please, I’d love to know what happens in a Season 5.


I swear I thought Last Man on Earth had been cancelled at least twice already. Always surprised to learn it’s still going.


How an awesome sitcom like Brooklyn Nine Nine can have low ratings I’ll never know. Does that count people who watch on DVRs?

BTW is Timeless going to be renewed? Because it sure looks like the season is going to end with a big ol’ cliffhanger.


For ad rate purposes – which for networks are still the primary criteria for whether a show is canceled or renewed – no.

Looks likely to be canceled.

Never start watching a new show on broadcast networks – especially one with serialized storytelling – until it is renewed for season 2.


Fox probably won’t renew The Exorcist either. :(