In this thread we're going to cancel (or renew!) your favorite show


Aww man TrollHunters got cancelled… enjoyed watching with my son…




Well, Timeless ended its season (and by most accounts, the series) with a hell of a ride and a WTF cliffhanger. Hoping it gets renewed but who knows.


Lots of smoke that Netflix may pick up Designated Survivor.


But not a good show? There is no justice. :/


Hey lookie here:

The article says both that it is renewed and it’s in talks to be renewed so it’s not 100%, but hooray.


When you are a billionaire and they cancel one of your favorite TV shows! :D


Really hope this deal works out! Love this show and Brooklyn99, so to have them both escape deaths clutches for now, is pretty awesome!


This has a basic click bait headline. The headline flat out lies and then in the first sentence they state that its not quite renewed yet but Amazon is still in talks and close to a deal. I’m guessing (hoping) that Amazon does get this done. The Expanse has a whole lot more story to tell.


Yep. Much more hopeful for The Expanse to get picked up than Lucifer (a guilty pleasure of mine). Still, I can dream.


Expanse was officially picked up by Amazon.

Also sad to hear that Code Black was canceled.


The Expanse has officially been picked up by Amazon! Yay!


Top 100 shows for this past season, based on ratings points:


Wow, so even though Walking Dead hit a new low, it’s still the fourth most watched show on Television, only behind Roseanne, Sunday Night Football and This is Us?

I guess we’ll be seeing more of the Walking Dead for a while.


Yep… And I’ll keep watching, I saw that they are adding Maggie Q next season.


There’s a whole lot of shit on that list


That is just so ridiculous. Let it die already. I would think that the principal actors (insofar as any remain) would be getting restless.


Are you sure it isn’t dead already?


Of the show? I’m sure they are. But not the paychecks.


And seeing as Syfy and Amazon have done both the things suggested in the thread topic title in the past three weeks, it’s safe to say that I did not enjoy the experience.

Long live The Expanse!