In this thread we're going to cancel (or renew!) your favorite show


The Hollywood Reporter originally reported it was done. Be interesting to see if they retract.


Yup, the EW post above and other Twitter posts about the demise of Murphy Brown Part Two have been deleted, so it looks like someone jumped the gun.

I’ve been watching the new MB, and it’s not terrible. If you hate Trump and Fox News you will laugh a lot more than if you couldn’t care less about either, as it’s almost all pure political humor. They’ve done some pretty creative stuff centered around her adult son being hired by the “Wolf Network”, which is a thinly veiled parody of Fox News. That said, it does get a bit preachy at times, which is kind of nonsensical since the only people watching the show are people who already 100% agree with the show’s political slant. Preaching to the choir is redundant.


I have found it weak, but not unwatchable. But the laugh track is just AWFUL.


Agreed. Laugh tracks are a 80’s/90’s TV sitcom holdover that needs to die. I never understood their purpose in the first place. Are there really people watching at home sitting there thinking “Oh, I should have laughed at that because the fake audience laughed.”?


I mean, basically. Not consciously of course, but it’s well documented that laughing is a social thing, that you’re more likely to laugh in company than alone, given the same stimulus. Presumably at least part of the point is to trick the viewer’s brain into thinking there are other people around laughing and trigger the laugh response.


This podcast is worth listening to (the entire podcast is great, this episode is relevant):



Guess Netflix is losing them all…


+1. I loved that show.


I guess if you want to pull out but don’t want to just straight yank the rug, this is the sort of stuff you do to ensure the deal falls through?

Unfortunate. All the Marvel shows had their issues but overall I enjoyed them. Watching Daredevil 3 soon.

Too bad we can’t get a proper Afterlife with Archie.


Sepinwall – who would know – says not to hold your breath. All these Marvel shows are truly gone.


Wasn’t that made clear when Disney announced its own service? The existing shows would run their course (implicitly, not for very long), then no more.


Well it’s always been hard to know the exact nature of the relationship between Marvel’s TV and movie arrangements, and the exact terms of the TV side’s deal with Netflix as well. There was the fairly public schism between Ike Perlmutter (TV) and Kevin Feige (movies) back when they were walking back the announced plans for an InHumans movie, but in the years since I haven’t seen much detailed reporting on the current state of things.

I had the vague impression that Feige was “winning” in that the movies weren’t going to be derailed or disrupted by anything in the TV world and he wasn’t about to be ousted in the conflict, but in the absence of information, I have no idea what the actual relationship is between the TV and movies these days.

So it may have been naive, but I was holding out some hope that Feige had some level of influence over the direction of TV decisions. Not outright control, that kind of change in responsibility would be public, but that his success would give him some sway with the higher-ups. And I guess implicit in that was that I also hoped in this fantasy that whether or not Feige liked the people that got these shows to the screen, he would be supportive of the actual cast and characters they produced and want to find a way to keep them around or incorporate them in some way into future plans.


No. It was strongly suggested that it could happen.


Feige is working on the Marvel Disney+ shows, as I understand. It’s why they’re going to be able to draw in guys like Hiddleston to do their own series.

Also, I have a friend who is working on a Disney+ show. NDA meant he couldn’t really name names or anything, but he says the production scale is pretty insane. And he’s worked in TV and movies with a very recognizable directors.


In fact, THR reporting that just recently, Daredevil’s showrunner pitched season 4…

So he at least was holding out some flickering hope that Netflix would be willing to shoulder the series load themselves, even so.


The only thing wrong with the Netflix/Marvel shows was there was too many episodes, and not a tight enough focus on the story they wanted to tell. The fact that Netflix saw that and the show runners didn’t is crazy to me.


I am pretty sad to lose this universe, even if it often disappointed. I really wish that Disney could somehow be willing to pick up the best parts of it. Four of the five leads were excellent, tons of amazing supporting side cast, from Kingpin to Malcom to Turk to Shades to Foggy. . . ugh. Lots and lots of wasted potential. I’m glad for what we’ve got, and have hopes for at least Punisher S2. Jessica Jones second season disappointed me terribly, so that show would need to do a complete 180 to win me back at this stage.


Well that wasn’t the only thing wrong, but it was probably the biggest problem and it affected every show. Definitely significant.


Fully endorsed and at least for my tastes I’m in 100% agreement.


I hope that the showrunners for Jessica Jones and Punisher know this is it and tie up their stories. Don’t give me some awesome ending that is only awesome if there’s another season. Looking at you, Iron Fist.