In this thread we're going to cancel (or renew!) your favorite show


Magnum renewed!

Interestingly, Magnum and FBI are both made with some NBCU investment, per the Grim Reaper. Likely helped save Magnum.


Scott’s got your answer. Interestingly, I didn’t realize that Magnum had an investment/backing from NBCU. That sort of implies to me that once the first season wraps, CBS may have to release it to Hulu (which is part-owned by NBCU).


Greats news, thanks for finding that! Magnum P.I. is my favorite new guilty pleasure show and FBI has been excellent, both my wife and I enjoy it a lot. Happy to see we will get second seasons of both.


Wow, Higgins is a lady, and is in many action scenes! That does make me want to check out the show more than any of the ads they’ve been showing on TV (during other CBS shows). They definitely never showed that ad on TV.



Per the Grim Reaper, you can probably heap a shovelful of dirt on the Murphy Brown reboot now too. The stars and showrunner will protest that they haven’t been canceled breathlessly…but the lukewarm comments from CBS make it seem like it’s definitely been binned for real this time.


Surprised on the Charmed renew, I’ve heard its not good.


Hellllllssss yeah.


And not even Canewed. Or Renanceled.


Fine by me, I’ll keep watching. I’m with 'em 'til the end of the line. pats tattoo


Is that one of the longest running live action prime time network shows by now? It’s got to be, right? I know animated shows, you have the Simpsons. Maybe Law & Order: SVU has been going for longer?

EDIT: 4th longest. Law & Order SVU (20 seasons), NCIS (16 seasons), Grey’s Anatomy(15 Seasons), Criminal Minds (14 seasons, tied with Supernatural) are still going apparently.

I can’t believe Grey’s Anatomy is still going. All the buzz about that show was so long ago. I had no idea they were still on the air. Same with Criminal Minds. I thought that show would have ended after Mandy Potemkin (sp?) left.


I believe this, NCIS and Grey’s Anatomy are the longest ones currently going right now.


Fixed in the edit.


30 Seasons for The Simpsons now.


Holy wow, that’s a helluva list.


No kidding. Almost 1000 episodes of the two Law and Order shows.

So I was curious. If you lump Star Trek together it’s 32 seasons and 755 episodes. They are including the animated series in that count.


It would take just over 9 full days of 24 hour viewing to watch every episode of The Simpsons from start to finish, assuming no commercials. You just know someone, somewhere, has probably attempted this feat.


Yeah, you could stop after about season 11 and not miss anything.


FXX did official 12- and 13-day marathons for when they got the license and when Simpsons hit 600 episodes.


So how long would a Treehouse of Horror marathon be? Would that be 30 episodes at 30 minutes each? That would be a fun one-day marathon.


However, “Modern Family” got Renanceled.