In this thread we're going to cancel (or renew!) your favorite show


Phew, glad that’s finally ending. I found it less and less funny over time, and yet, every time I got Hulu, I couldn’t help myself and I’d catch up on the latest season. It never got bad. But I always felt like I could have used that time to watch something better.


Wow, how long was its run? At least a decade, right?


Next season will be its 11th and final one.


Me too. We stopped watching around the third season I think.


I thought this kind of all ready known. I was expecting this to end this year which is why they are going nuts with Haley.


I heard a lot of people on here liked this show. Sorry. :(


Didn’t the new season just start recently? I guess it didn’t do well.


From what I read it had solid viewership with great viewer retention but Starz decided that it wasn’t cost effective. The show is already being shopped around with hopes of finding a new home. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it continue on one of the streaming networks like Netflix or Amazon.


Oh man, I just began watching Counterpart. Hopefully someone will pick it up.


Well, here’s hoping the season finale (coming in a week, I assume) at least resolves the Mira/Indigo plot, because if not and no one picks this up or at least produces a wrap-up movie, we fans are left holding the bag.
This is one of the best shows on TV right now, so I don’t get how more people aren’t watching it. If this had been on HBO or included with Prime or Hulu it would have gotten more attention I suppose.


I like to think of crime procedurals as retirement plans for actors. They can basically go on forever, and people will keep watching them. Comedies are much harder to keep going long term.


Isn’t South Park on season 20 or something like that?


That list is for primetime network shows. South Park is a cable series.

Here’s the list for cable series:

South Park is pretty high up there.

And if you want to include all television, period, then the list just gets too silly. Meet the Press has been going for 71 years. Various morning shows, news programs, late night shows, soap operas, etc.


Right so I guess you could say that animation is a retirement plan for actors who no longer want to act per se. Voice acting is obviously much less demanding, and I think the reduced costs mean that networks are fairly happy to keep these things running if they have half-decent ratings. Other than that, if an actor wants to keep acting and have a known presence as a result but also have a far less risky career path, crime procedurals are the way to go. (At least that’s my impression from the outside looking in).


I’d actually argue that animation allows shows to keep their age dynamics as well. You may also remember the Actor’s Guild strike had a huge component with regards to the demands and compensation for voice acting.


In utterly unsurprising news.


Apparently we never made a thread for The Librarians, or at least I can’t find it. No, it’s not coming back, but all four seasons are on Hulu. I just recently started watching it because Hulu kept on recommending it to me and I finally decided to take it up on the offer. Four episodes in, I absolutely love it. Reminds me of Buffy, the whole “Scooby gang deals with magical problems” shtick, though a bit more of an after-school special feel to it. Those Hulu recommendations occasionally hit a winner!


The Librarians was goofy but thoroughly enjoyable. They never took themselves to seriously.


Great thread on some of the nuance in the Disney/Marvel/Netflix pantheon.


This show just popped up on Netflix over here. Guess I can skip it…