In this thread we're going to cancel (or renew!) your favorite show


Meanwhile in shows I was aware of the existence of… ;)

Umbrella Academy gets a season 2 pickup from Netflix.


Gah no season 5 till 2020.


Ugh, 2020? That bites.


With shows starting to wrap up their seasons, its fun to watch the predictions here.


Man Elementary hasn’t even had it’s season yet and Big Bang wasn’t canceled, they chose to end it.


Orville better get renewed or I’ll riot. I have already accepted the fact that Passage is probably doomed. Really liked it, though.


Thats because Elementary was supposed to be cancelled after season 6 but they decided to run with one more season, running it as a summer show. It hasn’t been officially cancelled but that is pretty much a technicality.

“The final season will consist of just 13 episodes, and was concocted from the beginning to be the series’ swan song.” From this article:


Oh well. Show you I am as up to date on Entertainment news as ever. I knew they were doing a jump due to where they are in the show, characters physically, but hey if we can have some more fun there it will be, well fun still.

I’ve been waiting for it to air. It used to start around now or May I think that might be my last CBS show… since Big Bang is going.


Boo, I really enjoyed The Gifted.


I never watched it, why didn’t anyone tell me Amy Acker was on it!


You, sir, are obviously a man of refined tastes.


That sucks, I really liked that show as well. :(


Because shes mine and you cant have her!


I call this meeting of the Amy Acker fan club to order!


Damn, I too enjoyed The Gifted.


IMHO, this is so that it can be rebooted under the Disney/Marvel umbrella on Disney+ (or maybe just moved to ABC).

There will likely be plenty of Mutant stories/series there…


I don’t think it was a big enough deal to warrant that. But more importantly, Disney’s plans with the Fox Marvel licenses aren’t going to start with continuing a TV show about mutants most people never heard of.

They’ll be looking to movies first, and those plans are probably still a couple years off. Zero incentive to continue a show that won’t build into those plans down the line.


Here we go with predictions:


I thought RedLine was having their first episode last night after 60 minutes? I guess it didn’t go well? Plus, wasn’t it already called a “Limited Series”? That’s how they were advertising the first episode last night during 60 minutes. I thought Limited Series was the new name for a mini-series that only lasts a few episodes?