In Which North Carolina Strives to Create an American Christian Caliphate


Yea I loved their work too. Phil is a great guy. Miss him.


Senator Tillis


An asshole, given enough opportunities to be an asshole, will eventually make one call for the better. That doesn’t mean I like Tillis at all, however.


Mark Harris will NOT run for the NC-09 seat.


The GOP shouldn’t even be allowed to run for the seat. The Democrat should just win.

That’s how you create an institutional aversion to cheating in elections… by making it result in a guaranteed loss.


Yeah. When one side is caught cheating; I mean rotten/illegal campaign tactics and not on a tiny scale; they’re done. This went all the way up. The GOP should not get another chance.


Don’t worry; it’s North Carolina. They never disappoint!

I mean, it’s not like the district’s been solidly Republican for almost 60 ye–oh, well, okay then.

Hope is a fool’s errand!


Yep, complete agreement. North Carolina will now be running a candidate who is probably already stronger than Harris was before the fraud, and will probably win the seat.


And not just cheating once, but for quite a while.


Not even joking, the only reason Harris was in this race was because he hired the vote-stealer away from the other Republican who he used to work for, and ~somehow~ (it is a mystery) beat him in the primary.'s_9th_Congressional_District_election_(May_8,_2018_Republican_primary)

So yes, the other guy who was the incumbent Harris beat, will probably have a good chance to win if he runs.

Candidate “I didn’t know he was a cheater when I hired him” Harris, for those who don’t know, has an MDiv and a Doctorate in Christian Leadership from from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, was a church pastor in Charlotte for over a decade, and President of the North Carolina Baptist Convention from 2011-2013.

His Republican opponent, Pittenger, who was the incumbent representative in NC-09 before, had a 15+ year career working in the administration of Campus Crusade for Christ. “During his work with Campus Crusade for Christ, he traveled around the world to promote Christianity.”

The Democrat who probably actually won but will still have to win again, is Dan McCready, who “served as a captain in the Marine Corps before attending Harvard Business School. After graduation, he worked at McKinsey & Company and started an investment firm focused on financing solar power in North Carolina.”

This is what very rural NC looks like.


Here’s how you improve schools in the caliphate


They’re running Boss Hogg. (seriously)

and NC schools are now using grade inflation that would make the UNC football team blush with shame. (the one NC institution more corrupt than the Republican party)




Eh … not really. D9 encompasses part of Charlotte and a strip all the way east to Fayetteville. All of the districts run between about 700K to 850K people, by design.

When I think rural, I think of these hillbillies:


Yeah, this is the white city folks, of a certain persuasion (religion without the morality?) intentionally co-opting the vote of the poorer Lumbee/Black/Hispanic people on the rural edges of the district. In the 9th, some of the Dem vote will be that type of rural.

In the 11th, not at all. Rural up in the 11th is White/Cherokee not Black/Lumbee/newer Hispanic.

The rural areas in those two districts are so very different from one another.

Edit to add:

Nice new local opinion piece by Bob Orr on the judicial ruling.

I think Dallas Woodhouse hates him (both Republicans for non NC folks). Orr though isn’t a clown like Dallas.


Start sweatin’, Mark Harris.


Naaah, what is this “one person one vote” nonsense. It’s the vast tracts of land that matter, bud, gotta vie for those absentee acreage votes.


Vast tracts of land …

What came to mind.

Dowless being tried in Wake is good too.


I think the losing district in that bargain is the one covering Cary and part of Raleigh, right? It’s tiny.

Funny story, D9 Brewing is named because the three owners all lived in District 9. But that was before the redrawn district maps. So now, Huntersville is no longer in D9, but is the home of D9 brewing.

Old Map pretty much went all the way around Mecklenburg county. Talk about avoiding Charlotte city voters…