In Which North Carolina Strives to Create an American Christian Caliphate


Obstruction of Justice? Interesting, but seems strange. Need more info…


The number of separate counts makes me think that they’ve set those indictments up to offer a deal for info they can use on Harris.


He coached several witnesses who ended up testifying against him. He knew he was under investigation but I guess he thought these people who worked for him felt some sense of loyalty.


So… does this go in this topic or the GOP topic??


I suppose if you uncover a Republican conspiracy to cheat an election using absentee ballots, you can argue that the problem is absentee ballots exist. If only those Democrats didn’t insist on providing people with absentee ballots!

It works for anything. Poll workers throw out ballots? Well, why do those Democrats insist on so many polling places that we can’t properly staff them?


Yeah, today I hate him more than Trump.


Are you sure that started today because I recall this huge plan about a grave, but it wasn’t Trump’s grave.


I’m marginally less confident that I’ll outlive Trump, and marginally more confident his grave will be guarded 24/7.

But mostly, I really can’t decide who I hate more between these two. I mean, either way, I hate both more than I love anything, but still!


McConnell is perhaps more evil, in that he definitely knows exactly what he’s doing.

But on some level that makes me respect him more than Trump. Trump is a selfish piece of shit, and he’s also grossly incompetent at literally everything… but has somehow turned that incompetence into a virtue in the eyes of his idiot followers.

It’s that aspect which makes me hate Trump so much.

McConnell is a piece of shit, but he does his homework and he WORKS for it.

Trump is incompetent, stupid, thoughtless, selfish, and above all else, profoundly lazy.

Trump has, literally, zero admirable qualities.


You know, it was awful that Hitler killed jews, but he was really good at it!


To a degree, we’re somewhat fortunate that Trump is so incompetent (thus far). However, that does mean the most unscrupulous toadies are the ones actually in charge, and some of those are somewhat competent. The ones who aren’t competent at other things are the ones who can con Trump the best.

The competent ones with any scruples have already left.


Same reason Athens is represented by retrograde cretins. Cracking.


Not sure if “Not sure if serious” or “I see what you did there”


I saw that. To be fair I only recognized two on there and I couldn’t pronounce the majority of them.


Using adapted tribal names is not fair.


State’s rights!

Also this will die in a fiery inferno in court.


@ArmandoPenblade Check out this turd.