Incredibles 2 - Suit Up, It Might Get Weird

No thread for this? How…?

June 15, 2018!

Awww man, it’s coming out during the World Cup? I’d like to see it in the theater if possible, but not during that period.

I am avoiding all media though, including that trailer. This is a Brad Bird project, right?

I never thought anyone on the forum would be interested. It’s aimed at young people and parents.

There are probably more than a few parents in this forum. :)

Also, an amazing movie is an amazing movie. The first one (which came out 14 years ago, so “young people” that liked it are themselves adults now) was outstanding.

Is this going to be another in Brad Bird’s weird ongoing rant against all the little people holding back the creative types? Because after seeing it in three of his films it’s starting to get old.

I am there. I AM SO THERE.

That’s scary.

Yep. My son was THREE when it came out. It’s mind blowing.

For me the first Incredibles was in the same zone of entertainment as a James Bond movie. And a really good one at that.

Umm, hello? Have you met us? I know a bunch of us got young kids. Besides, Pixar movies are worth watching (mostly) anyhow.

I know I’ll be there at some point with my 4 year old. I’m liking what i see.

But I can name probably 20 regulars with kids under 10, and half a dozen of us with kids in diapers still! It’s one of the things I like about Qt3.

I kid, kid!

You make one joke about the average age of our forum members, and all the young people come out with daggers sharpened.

Oh sorry, I was just playing with my dolls again.


I assumed you were being sarcastic, so I didn’t grab my knife.

Looks promising. And of course the first one was brilliant.

Edit: Ah, I see you were kidding, nevermind.

I love the Incredibles. … love it. It’s on my daily movie on in the background that I’ve already seen because i have to work rotation.

Yeah, I love it as well. And I’m certainly curious about 2.

No worries.

Heh, no knives man. I don’t assume you follow the lives of semi internet randoms. Being a father of young children just means that when others talk about their younglings, I take particular note.

Also the Incredibles was awesome enough that even my 20 year old butt couldn’t help but love it, the ‘too cool for this’ aloofness of the age could not withstand. So I reject the implication you must be a parent to enjoy it ;)

You can also safely assume that, unless otherwise specified, everything I say is with a good natured smile. If I had knives, you’d know.

Oh, you would know

True story. This is our 12yo cat:

We named him Jack Jack because we didn’t know what his superpowers were.