Insomniac's Marvel's Spider-Man

I probably already know the answer to this, but…as a PC mouse/keyboard guy who basically sucks with console controls, is this game remotely playable with m/kb? I tried the Batman games that way, but it was…not great.

I’d say it’s pretty much akin to Batman. It’s a variant on the same combat system. I use M/K for shooters, but this is a game that does scream for a gamepad.

As an oldie, I hedge against my suckitude w/ a gamepad by notching the combat difficulty way down.

My recommendation is to use controller and practice using it so you can also enjoy other games with a controller. “I suck with console controls” is a short term problem that’s easily rectified. An entire world of amazing games will then open up for you.

No one is asking you to agree with the commentary - you’re free to go about your days simply enjoying video games and not connecting them to real-world events at all.

Just like I encourage you to live your best life and not worry about things that no one is asking you to worry about, I ask that you respect me and others who do make these connections instead of brushing off our opinions as obnoxious.

For me, I played Spider-Man on my PS4 right after the NYPD was violently attacking peaceful protests and otherwise assaulting day to day citizens. It was gross. It was impossible for me to play Spider-Man, getting asked to set up a vast, comprehensive surveillance state for the NYPD, and not make a connection.

Is anyone asking others to stop playing the game because of this? Or dislike the game? I don’t think so?

I acknowledge that. I just enjoy m/kb so much more, and have so many games that function great that way, the motivation to go through the process of getting a controller and hooking it up and learning it has been…low.

This game looks super cool though, and if there’s a game to change my mind, this is a contender.

Hey I get it - I was the same not too long ago, in that I also “sucked with a controller” and played everything m/kb, which I really liked (and still do prefer depending on the game).

But I’m telling you - adapt, sooner is better, you won’t regret it.

If you do manage to be able to use the controller and are good enough at using it to defeat this game in particular, you can use it to play literally anything that also plays with a controller.

So that’s either a bonus or a huge non-starter, I guess?

(For the record I could not finish the game because I could not control it and I don’t really suck with controllers? I think…Spider-Man is complicated, control-wise, for sure)

Yeah, as a current 61 year-old, I wasn’t born with a controller in my hands, either, let alone the relatively complex controllers we’ve had since the PlayStation came out in '95. My first regular experience of that one was with the PS2 when my brother brought one home in 2003 or so, and I was 42 that year. When GTA San Andreas came out I had a hell of a time beating the obligatory dance mission in the story line until I forced myself to call the buttons “X” “Box” “Up” and “O” and say them to myself as they passed the “timing marker” or whatever it’s called.

This game is amazing, spectacular, the ultimate in entertainment.

Really enjoying it. Combat and movement definitely make you feel like Spiderman.

Kind of.

By implying that it’s doing some horrendous insensitive thing and trying to level it as serious criticism (which is insane) I do believe that sentiment is saying that it’s “in the wrong”. I just don’t believe it’s an honest criticism in a game where you are yee-hawing 360 web swing bad guys like a sling shot.

You are certainly within your right if details hit close to home, but it’s a helluva reach.

I’m finally clicking with the traversal system and my god it’s amazing. Maybe the best I’ve ever experienced in a game like this. Swinging around NYC is just so joyous. I just spent some time doing that and loved it.

If this were some other hero universe, like say Gotham, and you were helping the cops set up a city-wide surveillance device, it would be weird and off-putting when you consider how often the cops in Gotham are portrayed as crooked. In fact, if the plot didn’t at some point turn into a warning about the surveillance state, I’d be confused. Doubly so when you factor in Batman’s tendency to use extra-legal techniques to beat up alleged criminals and immobilize his enemies.

In Spider-Man’s universe, (not necessarily the MCU or even Marvel 616, just the localized environment best known as Spider-Man’s world) the police are largely honorable and dedicated to a bygone concept of justice and peace. They aren’t ACAB thugs. They’re an idealized version of how police should be for the most part. Is that naïve and simplistic? You bet. But that’s the bright and cheery NYC that Peter Parker lives in.

Windows Defender keeps identifying the 516.94 GeForce drivers as a trojan so won’t let me download them unfortunately. Anybody else having that problem?

I got them via GeForce Experience. Did you get them directly from Nvidia?

I got them directly and it was fine… Not sure if I got Studio or WHQL.

Also using GeForce Experience and it shows I’m at 516.94.

Yeah I’m downloading them via so not sure what the problem is, though there is a thread on r/antivirus that has a bunch of other people saying the same thing.

I’m sadly in the opposite boat. I have RSI issues and can’t use a mouse for very long without my wrists, forearms and shoulders starting to become very painful. I need to for work, so can’t waste my pain-free mouse time on gaming :( (and I wear wrist braces on both arms at work most of the time.) Controllers don’t bother me, so they comprise 95% of my gaming. Locks me out of experiences I’d otherwise really enjoy, like strategy games and some sims.

I am in a similar situation. Years ago using the wasd keys started causing carpal tunnel like symptoms. I can type all day, but trying to use those those keys instantly starts causing problems. Adapted pretty quickly to using a controller, and software to mimic keystrokes let me play several games (including MMOs) that didn’t support controllers. Thankfully nowadays most games do support controllers.

Getting back to Spiderman, I appreciate that they added the ability to turn off QTEs. I generally loathe them.