Into the Breach - Turn Based Strategy

Starting a new squad always makes me feel like I need to go back to mech school! It’s what I love about the game, you’re basically learning it anew with each squad. Now trying Blitzkrieg and holy moly, these guys are tough to get your head around. I can see they will get better with upgrades, but at first it seems to be more a case of avoiding missions like the train and satellite protection, because you often just cannot prevent their loss with the tools you have available.

Yeah, anything with a protect that is interactive (not just a static building on the map) is nearly a hard pass with Blitzkrieg. Things like the train, rockets, recycler are classed as units and therefore get lightning chained. Avoid at all costs!

Into The Breach is one of the best strategy games of 2018 if not the best one so far. Tons of replayablity, I’ve got 55 hrs so far and plenty more achievements and Mech squads I want to try for.

So, today on the Switch I guess?

Live on the eShop now, $14.99


If only you could transfer your game progress from the PC version…

Oh man, SO good! I was very much thinking the Switch would be a perfect platform when it released on PC. Glad it’s out even if I’ve boughtened twice. But then I guess I bought FTL many times as well.


Got a perfect on my first island. I should probably quit now.

Don’t know anything about this. Im a Fire Emblem and Mario Rabbids guy – is this in that wheelhouse?

Kind of? The maps are very small and you only have 3 units to work with. It is very much a puzzle-like affair where you might sit there staring at a map for a few minutes trying to figure out how to approach a turn in a way that minimizes the damage to you and/or the things you are protecting. You are often outnumbered, so it is a matter of finding combos: hitting multiple enemies at once, or pushing/pulling an enemy out of position so it hits another enemy instead of the original target, that sort of thing. All that while trying to assess when it might be wise to take a hit to prevent something worse, without knowing what the next turn will bring.

It is a thinky, tactical affair with a short campaign, but it has plenty of unlockables and replayability.

I haven’t even finished fumbling my way through my first run yet, but I dig this a lot so far on the Switch. I haven’t had a lot of time to play, and when I do sit down, I’m probably still a little too worried about my first run—I need to just go for it, see where I get, and learn from it. But I like that I can sort of recognize that about my approach, and I hope I have more time to play soon so I can work through that learning curve.

I’m thankful this isn’t on the iPhone (and I doubt it ever will be), because that might be the end of me if I could play it as often as I think about it during the work day.

Lawd, this is such a good game. Plays so well on the Switch, too. So glad I waited.

I was hopeful this Switch version was the iOS beta :O
Does it play with anything else but the touch screen?

Doesn’t seem to use the touchscreen at all from what I can tell. I haven’t checked the settings, though.

Oh that’s unexpected. And I put my expectations a bit in the back, thanks!

For what it’s worth. The PC version works perfectly on the Surface touchscreen. It’s one of the few PC games that can work fully in tablet mode under Windows 10.

I imagine it could work with a touch screen on an iPad or something, but the interface would be a little fiddly, and they’d have to rework a lot of it. I wouldn’t hold my breath, and it would definitely be a lot to squeeze onto a phone screen.

Bought. Played a bit. Omg I do fine for a few turns and then fuck everything up.

There are some nuances with the interface that I’m unclear on. Not entirely happy with the font

But I do like it. It’s not frustrating really.

Subset Games is kinda like Pixies. They’re indie, they don’t have the highest production values and they continually crank out gems that are so much better than anything else out there.