Into the Breach - Turn Based Strategy

This is really good! And a perfect fit on the Switch.

I find it quite challenging. I am still playing on normal, despite the suggestions to switch to easy. The game is harsh, it doesn’t take many bad decisions to sink a run. I’ve unlocked the shielding and lightning squads so far. Some missions feel unwinnable, but I think most of my undoing is because I make bad decisions.

I love how a failed run ties into the next one, especially since it makes losing pilots feel more significant. When I say “love” I actually mean “hate”. At least some of the time.

I’ve not focused much on buying weapons so far, mostly just power and power cores. I wonder how I will ever get more than 4+ power on my mechs.

Such a great game, I hope it has the legs that it seems to have.

I played quite a bit on my last trip. Need to get back into it. I was having a blast with the cloud guys (rusting hulks?).

I’ve started to get the hang of this, and had my first victory using Blitzkrieg. So much fun. I’ve started a run using the Rusted Hulks now, and they are also quite fun. I love the Jet Mech.

My time traveller has +3 Grid Defense and +1 Reactor Power, which is really neat. I had one that reduced all damage taken, but he was killed in the final mission. This game is incredible.

It really is. I am jealous of where you are on your journey with it!

Pro Tip for the Switch version, in case there are others as dense as me: if you click and hold the right stick, it shows the order of enemy attacks. It’s a small thing that can be critical in some situations.

Whoa, thanks! I’ve been in situations where I wanted that info.

I’m baffled how anyone could have been playing without it. I use it constantly.

If there is any indicator about this feature in the Switch version, I missed it.

I understand that the PC version has some sort of indicator that shows the order on mouseover, so it’s more obvious.

FWIW I didn’t notice it for a while on PC either.

Wow, yeah I can’t imagine playing without that. It’s crucial for orchestrating turns where the vek shoot each other.

Admittedly, I knew it was a thing before I started playing, but it was one of the first things I made sure I knew how to do.

Quick question about the GOG version for Windows-- does it come with the OST as some GOG-sold games do, or do you have to buy it separately – it doesn’t mention anything on the store page.

You can check that on their store page, under the “Goodies” category, they list what is bundled with the game. In this case, no OST (only wallpaper, manual and… “quickstart”?), but I confess I wouldn’t mind that, as I find the music very serviceable during the game, but not quite listenable outside of it.

Already own this but am tempted to get it on the Switch as well now that we have one in the house.

Thanks for the info-- I’m looking at the store page (browser version) and struggling to see where the “goodies” entry is, though.

It used to be conveniently on the right side, but since their “redesign” (that’s what they call it), it’s lost along the kilometers of scrolling junk there. I think it is usually found between some marketing waste of text and the reviews.

I can’t even…

Weird. I’m looking everywhere on the page. Even temporarily turned off Ublock Origin and refreshed the page. Still not there. Maybe it shows up in GOG Galaxy.

Here neither. I have no idea!
Edit: ah, I get it, GOG’s site being an horrible mess, it sent me to “Into the Stars” when I clicked “Into the Breach”.
No goodies for Into the Breach, at all, which is meant by having no Goodies category.