iPad Games Thread

Yes, you can buy from iTunes on your PC/Mac then sync the iPad. I do that sometimes for large files or if I want to get something while it is on sale and don’t have my iPad handy.

I’m guessing the reason that your restore didn’t get most of your apps is because it had been a while since your last sync (or you weren’t syncing apps for some reason).

Also in the apps you bought have an install button on apps you purchased, if you are into the needle in a haystack thing.

Yeah that’s what I’ve been doing so far. Going over the hundreds of receipts is kind of daunting, I think I’ll wait until I can think of the missing ones.

ASUS AI Charger. google it.

I saw Par Out Golf mentioned at boardgamegeek.com today and bought it. It looks terrific on the iPad, can be taught to anyone in about a minute, and plays great both in single and multiplayer modes.

Several courses are included, and you can play holes one at a time, in random chunks, or all at a time. Each hole is displayed top-down, and selecting different clubs zooms the screen in our out. To play, you simply draw a line from the tee to the hole. The catch is that as soon as you put your finger on the tee the entire screen is obscured by clouds, so you draw blind. It sounds stupid, but works amazingly well. Once you lift your finger the clouds clear and you watch the ball follow the line you drew, hopefully not hitting an obstacle or rolling out of bounds.

There is a board game version of this (you close your eyes when you draw), but the iOS version works much better because even though you can’t see anything it’s easier to draw with your eyes open, and the iOS version incorporates wind. This latter change makes a huge difference, as it’s easy to get a feel for the wind with a little practice, but it also guarantees that you can replay holes without having them memorized down to a science.

My only gripe is that you must collect tokens to unlock courses. You get one token each for completing a hole, hitting par, hitting a birdie, hitting an eagle, or getting a hole in one. That means you sometimes have to shoot poorly on purpose to get a token if you already have the upper-level ones for that hole. That’s obviously not difficult to do, but it feels stupid to intentionally suck just to chase tokens.

Anyway, this is a compelling single player pastime and a superb multiplayer game for practically all ages. $2 gets you a lot of content, and it’s universal (but best by far on the iPad).

EDIT: Forgot to add that there’s a Lite version, removing any excuse not to check this out.

I’m pretty sure the iPad doesn’t charge while the screen is on. If/when the screen goes dark from inactivity, I believe it does charge, albiet slowly. Of course, the only time you can see the charge status is when the screen is on, which is when it says “Not Charging.”

I can’t remember where I heard about this originally, but I just verified it with a google search. Here’s an example.

At least for the ipad2 it has to be a high-powered USB port in order to charge. Otherwise it says “Not Charging” by the battery icon. I suspect that’s the issue.

It’s a special USB port that most computers don’t have. It allows charging current of 900mA+ instead of the 500mA normally allowed by USB2.0.

One thing though, even though your IPAD says “not charging” on a non-high powered port, it is indeed charging - just at a much slower rate. You can test it for yourself. Check the % before you put it on the port then come back in an hour or so and check it.

My wife’s says “Not Charging,” but it actually does. Just very slowly like slantz says. So I just throw it on there overnight.

And hey, as of today, if you go to the App Store from your iPhone or iPad, under the updates category, there’s a new “Purchased items” list that has literally every app you’ve ever bought. You won’t get your progress back in your saved games or anything, but if you’re just trying to remember what to get back, there you go!

Awesome, they must have been reading the thread :) :)

It charges when the screen isn’t on, albeit slowly. It’s like the light in the fridge, you can’t see that “not charging” text go away, but apparently it does.

Part of their iCloud announcement included that “application data” would be stored in the cloud (if the app supports it I’d think), and I have to wonder if saved games and progress would do the same between iOS devices. I’d like to think that’s a possibility!

Oh I think that will happen down the line, I was just responding specifically to the plight of replacing an already dead iPad right now.

When my iPad is plugged into my Mac Mini, and I boot into OSX, it charges. When I boot into Win7, it refuses to charge. Lol Apple. Try pairing an MS keyboard with OSX for the same " almost works but for one annoying thing" ккщкьеису.

So actually it looks like I spoke too soon. The “Purchased” list in the app store I mentioned isn’t showing up on my iPad. It’s there on my phone and I just assumed it would work on all iOS devices, but I guess it’s not implemented on the iPad yet. Sorry!

Cool, thanks.

It’s on my IPad, I got my stuff.

Well, weird. But good!

It’s definitely a possibility, the developers will just have to work that into their games. But yeah, that’s what iCloud does, it’s basically just like Steam Cloud for iOS games.

I haven’t played Angry Birds on OS X, is it the same game with the same puzzles as the iOS version? Because in cases like that you could even save state across your iPhone, iPad and your Macs. Pretty cool.