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TBH with everything going on in the world… i just kinda don’t care about an OLED iPhone for (presumably) $1200 dollars. Especially since it seems like the iPhone’s potential just hasn’t ever been “unlocked” yet - Apple processors are some of the fastest in the business and they’re doing the equivalent (for most people) of opening Facebook and taking pictures. So it’s not that the hardware isn’t good but that there’s just no use case for the hardware. Especially not on a yearly cycle. But also because… yea, there’s a lot more to worry about in life than a new piece of kit i literally don’t need. Still, threads don’t make themselves!

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I’m going to get whatever the non X, Pro, Expensive one is.

My iPhone 6 is getting slow, and I want the better camera.


I just bought an iPhone 7 Plus last week… or two weeks ago, to help a family member. Gave them my 6 Plus. Kinda maybe want to see if i can take it back? but literally, kinda don’t care anymore either. The only thing that sorta-kinda piques my interest is photography.


my 5 is clearly showing its age - and will no longer support future iOS versions. So, I’ll be upgrading this cycle. I was secretly hoping that their obliteration of the 35mm audio jack was going to bite them in the ass and they put it back but, but I don’t see that happening :/

I don’t see myself getting the iphone X either, I play some games on my phone, but the majority of time it’s more about communication and social interaction (mail, calendar, facebook, twitter, some websites, and clash royal)

it reminds me of the giant ipad… pretty cool, looks nice, but just seemed like way too much.


i gotta say, the gigantic iPad is one of my favorite devices.


Same here. I really enjoy it. Reading comics on it is also a treat.


I’m due for an upgrade, especially since I dropped and shattered the screen of my iPhone 6 Plus about a week ago. The iPhone X is definitely in my sights. I’m willing to spend a significant amount of money on the computer / phone I use constantly. People really need to stop thinking about these devices as “phones”. They’re always connected (faster than my home LAN) handheld PCs with the ability to capture insane quality pictures and video.


Yeah, I’m buying an X too. I use my phone a lot. Buying it outright, no financing or anything.


That’s probably the route I’m going, too. Especially since Apple doesn’t offer the Annual Hardware Upgrade leasing program in Canada.


They have it here, I just don’t want to pay for applecare+.


I miss Esteban Trabajos.


Starting with Apple Watch. I would have bet Apple TV. Hey! I saw Woz in the crowd.


I’d like to see Tim Cook try to top this: http://gizmodo.com/alibaba-founder-jack-ma-has-set-a-new-bar-for-tech-ceo-1803777838


Not a good mini-ad for promoting built in cellular. Guy is getting zen surfing… ring, ring. Kinda takes you out of your zone. Should have shown a runner seeing a fire or something and calling 9-1-1, though I guess that’s a bummer.


I expect cynicism, criticism, etc. which will lead to a dip in the stock price… which typically lasts for a week or so until Apple releases pre-order numbers.

A sign of the times, but when I bought my iPhone outright a few years ago on release date, the guy said that after selling 200 devices, I was the very first to pay outright. I showed him his own flyer comparing two plans with and without the subsidy and how buying it outright save like $160 within two years. He said yeah, we know.


And here is Apple TV 4K. I don’t have a 4K television, so I’m not interested in hardware… with one exception. I hope they improve the remote significantly and then make it work with the Apple TV v4 I have.


“We’ve remastered our Apple TV screensavers to take full advantage of 4K HDR.”



They need to drop the price and get rid of the remote. But they aren’t going to do either.


Remote looks the same.


4K movies priced the same as HD on iTunes, and HD movies upgraded to 4K for free, so sounds like Apple won that battle against the movie industry, at least.