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Anyone know if the 4K Apple TV will allow 4K downloads? My internet isn’t stable enough to sustain 15mbps to stream 4K but I would love to take advantage of my iTunes movie library in 4K if it allows downloads. I also wonder what the size of a 4K movie would be on the device. 64gb sounds pretty small for local storage.


Didn’t know that about the width. Just changed my mind and I’ll be trying to grab an 8 Plus tonight.

(5 minutes later…)

Nah. If there’s a gadget that goes to 11, I can’t spend good money on the one that only goes to 10.7. :)


Yeah streaming 4k is a bit of a joke on a number of fronts. Consider that a 4K blu-ray is basically 100GB of raw data. Some sample data points


Wouldn’t be surprised if the 4K movies were encoded to fit into 64GB (minus OS and some apps). Might be why the studios were OK with selling them at the same price.


Unlikely, they are probably streamed at some godawfully low bitrate.


HDR doesn’t add much and is much more noticeable than 4k, if you have a TV that supports a decent portion of the full spec anyway.

Hell just HDR on my Samsung S8 is mind blowing when I can get it to work.


Yes, that’s true, and that is probably easier to deal with … I’d need to do the math but a really nice 1080p stream of 10-bit (HDR) versus 8-bit (standard) video would be preferable to uber-compressed 4k.


Existing ATV allows you to download as well though. No reason they wouldn’t do the same for 4K, especially if they’re streaming at a low bitrate anyway. I saw a story in my RSS feed about 4K movies being up on the store now, so you could check if you really want to see how big the files are.


Aren’t the new iOS and macOS updates all about HEVC for video? I imagine that’s what Apple is using on the Apple TV backend, too. I’ve read H.265 brings you 40-50% file size savings with no change in quality. It’s still not UHD Blu-ray but I’m guessing it’s still a significant improvement.


Almost eight hours after preorders going live, I can still pre-order the 8 Plus I considered for in-store pickup on launch day.

I have a feeling everyone’s waiting for the X, and getting ahold of that one is going to be an even bigger nightmare than I anticipated.

They should give priority to people based on how old the phone they’re upgrade from is. 😆


I think the sort of people that go on websites to preorder phones precisely at 3AM will primarily be doing that for the X, yes.

And I mean, the “8” is really a 6sss. It’s the fourth nearly identical iteration of the 6. Nobody’s super excited about that.

How does the 8 differ from the 6? Faster, better camera, no headphone jack, wireless charging… and that’s it.

The X notch lulz are gettin’ good.


Better SSOC. With ios 11, my 6+ is feeling pokey.

That said, feel like the X is still a lot of compromises on where Apple sees the future. I use my iPhone in landscape a lot. the notch looks horrible in landscape. I would rather wait a few years on a form factor I know works well for me than be stuck with what still feels like an iterative design.


I installed the GM of iOS 11 on my 6+ a couple of days ago, after having messed with some of the earlier betas and backing out. It’s actually running great now! Have you tried lately? Also, I did a fresh install and I think that makes a big difference.


I did say faster. Speed is a classic “S” enhancement, which strengthens my point that the 8 is really a 6sss.


What did the Iphone 7 have that the 6s didn’t? And why is this considered a 6sss instead of a 7s by you?


Also waterproof, better screen, force-touch, twice the RAM.


RAM size is covered under “faster”.

6s over 6: Faster, better camera, water resistance, force touch
7 over 6s: Faster, better camera, no headphone jack
8 over 7: Faster, better camera, wireless charging, tru-tone display

These are all minor incremental changes, the sort of thing you normally see in an S revision. The phones all look nearly identical; the buttons shifted locations slightly and the headphone jack was removed so 6/6s cases won’t work on 7/8, but at a glance you could not tell the four “generations” apart.

Now, does the case necessarily need a radical redesign to be considered a new generation? No, certainly not. But they could have shrunk the bezels to match the 2016 android status quo, certainly.

And you can make the argument that taking all the S-class improvements over the past 4 revisions, the 8 is a substantially better phone than the 6 and worthy of being considered a single generational improvement. It’s vastly faster, water resistant, has force touch (not that anyone cares), wireless charging, tru-tone display, and unfortunately no headphone jack. All those things taken together make a compelling upgrade from a 4 year old iphone 6.

But from the 6s, much less so. I have a 6s and I see no particular reason to upgrade to an 8. I’ll get an X, though.


Yah, teh GM is the only pre-release I put on the iphone. To be fair, I’d noticed some slowness before hand, Just little things like an app taking a few second longer, and stuff like that.


T-Mobile store by me opened at 8AM. Walked in, preordered a 64GB 8 Plus Space Gray from there. Estimated shipping time next week, so doesn’t seem to be a supply shortage yet.

They have a $300 trade-in deal for all phones 6 or higher. While I could sell my current 64GB 6S Plus for more than that if I poked around, $300 is a helluva lot better than the $170 that Gazelle would give me or the $175 T-Mobile would give me before this promo this morning. And this way I don’t need to deal with a shitty buyer who complains about minor issues that might crop up.


I guess this question has been answered already, but here is the response I got from emailing Tim Cook about Face ID and sunglasses:

Thank you for your question regarding Face ID and sunglasses. Face ID is designed to work with glasses, contact lenses, and many sunglasses.