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I was ready to go X until I found a couple of the better hands-on videos from YouTube, and now I’m considering 8 Plus.

Despite being higher-resolution, the aspect ratio of the screen means it displays less:

  • There’s less vertical space, so you lose the tabs in Safari that you get on the 7/8 Plus, for instance.
  • Due to the notch, it puts white-space margins on both sides of web pages

But I’m mostly interested as a photographer, so the ‘best cameras possible’ aspect still makes me lean towards the X a bit more. The AR demo of the front camera putting you in different 3D scenes was pretty badass.

Also, $999? Only if you’re happy to live with smaller memory on your high-end phone and you live in a state with no sales tax. The 256GB is going to be $1470 in WA state with tax and AppleCare. :gulp:

(Also, re: comments above, developers are apparently forbidden from blacking out/trying to hide the notch.)


Can someone clarify the camera situation? I keep seeing conflicting messages. Some people are saying that the rear cameras on the 8 Plus and the X are identical with the X only having a better front-facing camera. Others are saying that the X has a better rear-facing camera too. Which is the truth?

As for sunglasses / glasses / no-glasses, I wonder how Apple will handle this. On Surface I simply train my laptop a few different times - with glasses, no glasses, different glasses - and then it works in all lighting conditions. Maybe you could train Face ID to recognize your face while wearing sunglasses?

Personally on either device I don’t have a need for more than 64GB. On my current 6S Plus with 64GB I’ve never gone below 15GB free. I have 1TB of OneDrive space to back up to, so I can periodically move older photos and videos off my device. I don’t have a bunch of music locally since I use the Groove Music app on iOS (yes, really) since it gives me access to my entire OneDrive music library. And even after installing a bunch of apps and games I still have plenty of space left.


I’m guessing apple will implement this, so you can log into a famous person’s phone.


With the infrared cameras looking at heat and the dot camera mapping the 3d contours of your face and whatnot, the feeling is that a picture or putting on your friend’s glasses will not work. It’s supposed to be hella-hard to fool. Of course we’ll need to wait on reviews to find out for sure.

Regarding storage, for me 32GB is the absolute minimum. 16GB is simply unacceptable, unusable. 64GB is pretty comfortable. More than that I can only see needing if I had a kid and wanted to take video of him all the time.


It was also strange to me that Apple outright said that identical twins would be able to fool Face ID. This is from two years ago:



On sunglasses:


“Most sunglasses let through enough IR light that Face ID can see your eyes even when the glasses appear to be opaque. It’s really amazing!”

For the camera, from Apple’s comparison page:

iPhone X iPhone 8 Plus
Wide-angle: ƒ/1.8 aperture Wide-angle: ƒ/1.8 aperture
Telephoto: ƒ/2.4 aperture Telephoto: ƒ/2.8 aperture
Dual optical image stabilization Optical image stabilization

So the “telephoto” lens on the iPhone X is a different aperture (is lower better in this case? I can’t remember my college photography class), and it has optical image stabilization on both cameras. The rest of the specs look the same on the rear cameras (and the same for video too).


Cool, thanks for the link and the info.

It was a good excuse to figure out
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Hooray on sunglasses. I’m mostly without reservations now. Mostly.


I still have worries about the convenience of Face ID, but for now I’ve convinced myself they’re worries I can live with.

Once people have hands-on reviews, I might reevaluate, but for now, I’m planning to (try to) order an iPhone X.


Any chance that the X is available in Apple Stores to check out around the same time as the 8, even though it’s not on sale until later?


The X has optical stabilization on both back cameras, the 8 has it only on non-telephoto. The X also has a faster lens on the telephoto (2.8 to 2.4). But we’ll have to wait for reviews to see how they really compare.

Probably the X is a lot better using the telephoto but very similar close up.


I’m gonna pre-order the 8+ tonight at midnight, which I’ll swap to my wife once I obtain the X that is available way later in October, 10.27 for pre-order, 11.3 to ship.


I wish the X had a significantly bigger screen than the 8+. It’s basically the same with a little more height.

I guess they’ll make an X+ later?

I’m all about the phablet!


I think the main driver was getting the big screen into a smaller body vs making the already big screen & body EVEN BIGGER.


The X is actually the same width as the 8, not the 8+, but taller. That’s my primary concern about it.


So it’s more super-landscape-y. This is a very mixed thing, I can tell you from the early Surface models. There is a reason the iPad has the form factor it does (and always did).

We already know from the iPhone 4 → iPhone 5 transition that getting a bit taller isn’t the end of the world for a smartphone, though.


Not at all, but I personally like the size of the iphone+ screen. It’s more readable in portrait mode.


Yep, the width of the screen is another concern I have about the X.

Currently planning for an 8 Plus preorder tonight.