IPhone SE release imminent?

Judging from all the latest tech site articles (and those constant rumor rags) the release of the new iPhone SE is just around the corner. I’m looking forward to it, even though I have no plans to buy one. My wife has a iPhone 6s from summer of 2017 so it’s getting close to 3 years old (and much older than that in terms of years since release) so maybe we’ll upgrade. I’m also hoping that it makes small phones “cool” again and that some Android maker will follow suit. I’m slightly disappointed that Apple missed an opportunity to make a truly small phone by keeping the screen size but eliminating the bezels but I suppose it would have been tough to cram all that tech and battery in there. I also would have been happy with keeping the phone size the same but increasing the size of the screen. I suppose that’s tough to do at such a cheap price. Anyways, it’s just great to think of something other than covid-19!

Sorry, I’ll already mess the mentioned purpose of your thread by stating the obvious: those are supposed to be built in China.

Sounds like the new iPhone has been officially unveiled. No real surprises. $599 CDN is a little pricey but I guess it can’t be helped as the dollar is screwed right now.

If you don’t care about bezels, it sounds like an incredible phone for the price (here in the US, anyway). A13 processor (the latest), wireless charging. It even has dual sim. Not too shabby.

I would like a small phone, but this one is still kind of pricey.

Sigh. This is exactly what I was wanting when I bought an iPhone 8 last summer.

Really? $399 for an iPhone seems amazingly reasonable. Especially considering what most of the other ones go for these days. I’m hoping that the low price pushes down the prices of the competing Android phones.

I saw $599 above, my bad.

No that’s the Canadian price. Which does suck, but oh well.

Up till now I’ve mostly been looking at Android, but I’m not sure anymore that there’s any real benefit to choosing it over iOS.

This is the only iphone that I want to buy, coming from an Android person. I’m kinda sick of the big phones, so hard to pocket, so 4.7" is right. And I’m sick of the Android upgrade drama from different manufacturers. Even Android One is no guarantee of speedy upgrades. And the inside is the lastest A13 chip, so it will last at least 3-4 years.

The open question at this point is the battery. If it is small then it won’t get a second look from me. My Moto G7 Power serves me 10 days on a full charge on light use. There is no going back.

I love the price for the screen is just too small. this would be perfect if it had a bezel more like the iPhone 11, in the same size body.

You should be able to find a used/refurb iPhone X or XS, that would probably suit you better. Maybe a XR.

This is a great price but it’s simply an ancient looking phone, with those gigantor bezels. On the android side there are tons of options. None of them will be nearly as fast, but who gives a shit about that?

Wait what? Sounds like something I’d need to get for my mom.

Here is a review from The Verge.

PS: for Moto G7 Power, not iPhone SE 2nd gen

The Moto G7 is not a small phone, sadly.

Battery Life tests on the SE 2020. Active usage between various apps, browsing, videos, games.

iPhone SE 2020 - 3:46 hours
iPhone 11 - 5:00 hours
iPhone Pro - 6:56 hours

He does mention that all the Apple phones have top tier idle power draw, it’s almost zero. So you don’t have to worry about the phone losing a charge just sitting in your pocket at least.

I’m going to get a phone to replace my parents absolutely ancient 5s. I was leaning towards the 2020 SE but I think this pushes it over the edge, and I’ll take the hit to the wallet and get the cheapest 11 instead. (The other reason is the increased screen size of the 11 allows for turning up the text size which is a lot easier on older eyes.) I don’t care about any other factors really. I’d consider a model from an earlier year but if it’s only 100 more to get a fully updated 11 I think it makes sense.

Speaking of which, it’s infuriating how the only way to get a good deal on cell phones is to trade-in, add a new line, or both. So in theory you’d have ping pong between cell phone providers every two years. The 5s is worth 0 dollars and my parents don’t want to add a line just for a discount so the only option is full price, even if you would commit to a 2 year contract.

Or you can just wait a few months.

It’s the same battery as the iPhone 8, correct? I don’t remember battery life with the 8 being a huge problem myself (although it definitely has improved on newer phones). Do your parents play a lot of games or watch videos for long periods? Under normal use that battery will last all day easily.

I’ll ask in this thread as this is the most recent iPhone thread I see in this subforum. If there is a better/more appropriate thread, please redirect me.

My question is: how do I increase the text size of web pages on my iPhone? I’m using Safari and the default text size on most websites is fine but anytime people are linking documents, tweets, etc. the text size seems tiny and unreadable to me. Plus some websites just have difficult fonts.

I already understand how to use to reader mode to increase font size for websites where that is enabled. My issue is with websites that don’t have reader mode, and also the seemingly infinite number of linked documents/tweets/what-have-you that I keep encountering.

So, several related questions:

Is there a way to increase the text size of websites where reader mode is not enabled? If so, how do I do that?

If that is not an option, is there a way to increase my overall safari zoom without needs to scroll left and right continuously to read stuff?

Basically, nowadays a ton of stuff I see on the iPhone/Safari is either hard to read in general, or is linked documents etc. that are damn annoying to read.

(And yes in the long run, I need to update my eyeglasses prescription, but I’m looking for a technical fix in the interim.)

Any help appreciated, oh Hardware People.