Is anyone still playing GRAW?

Last week GRAW was all I saw being played on my Friends List. Now all I see is Oblivion.

I still didn’t get GRAW but was thinking about trading in a couple of pieces for it today. Question is, is there going to be anyone left on my friends list to play it online with?

Gary, this is Qt3. We don’t play old games (old meaning more than 3 days).

You’ll see plenty of folks playing again once they’re done with Oblivion. I know I’m going to be playing it online again within the week. I let someone borrow mine for the weekend since I knew I’d be tramping all over Cyrodiil.

The multiplayer is definitely the best of its kind of Live right now with nothing in sight to take its place. People will be playing again once they’re done with the single-player fix of Oblivion.

Seriously… the releases really dry up soon for 360.

What else is on the immediate release horizon for 360? Dead Rising is the only thing I know and/or care about.

Some people will probably pick up Blazing Angels which came out this past week also. I know I’ll be playing The Outfit too, when I’m done with Oblivion.

After that, I think Top Spin 2 will probably get some play from folks as well as Far Cry and the Battlefield game. I’m personally interested in Tomb Raider: Legend in April too. After those though, the next thing is MotoGP '06 which isn’t due until 5/30 or later.

I’m playing Oblivion but I’m up for a game or two of GRRRAAAAWWWW!!! whenever. I kind of liked the Blazing Angels demo, too, though I think it’s getting awful reviews.

As for upcoming games, looks like Top Spin 2 is the next one with potential. After that, pretty barren until June.

Edit: Damn you Dave!

I’m so stoked for MotoGP '06 and that’s despite the gripes I had with the last one. I hate that they advertise it as a simulation when it really feels like anything but that at times, especially the way the AI rides.

Of course, I was playing on the PC where there were far less people to race against online. I plan to race online a whole hell of a lot on 360 provided the framerate is a constant 60fps which is what they’re aiming for. Plus, that game looks so gorgeous in screens.

I barely even got to play GRAW at all, so I’ll definately be revisiting it. Right now though, I have that gamecrack feeling about oblivion, so every spare moment = playing it.

Am I thinking of the right game, the one in Edge talking about their development tools? Cause man, that just sounded cool from that argument. That article kinda sold me on it despite no real interest in motorcycle racing per se.

I picked it up and have barely touched it. I’ll be revisiting mexico City this week…

I have no desire to muck around any further with the single player in GRAW, but I’d love to join you guys for some multiplayer sometime.


Well you’ll probably get some EA sports sequels in the summer and fall and some downloadable for $$$ arcade hits of the 80s. Welcome to the NEXT GEN!

Yeah, that’s the one. It’s often referred to as a simulation, but I found it really hard to accept that term when applied to the game because I’ve played motorcycle sims before (Superbike 2000/2001) and those really shamed MotoGP from Climax on Xbox/PC when it comes to both bike handling and AI.

Thing is, the guys who did Superbike 2001 haven’t touched bikes since and MotoGP is really good when you take it on its own merits as a game that sits somewhere between arcade and simulation. If they put in a better AI to go with the obviously gorgeous graphics, that will really help make it stand out. But even if they don’t, as I noted above, online play will be where it’s at.

There’s another article on it in this month’s Play. That mag also has a big spread on Saint’s Row which will be out for 360 this year. It’s a GTA-alike from Volition (Red Faction/Summoner/Freespace 2/Descent). Plus their review of The Outfit and I love the cover artwork. It has an awesome Hama-era G.I. Joe comics vibe.

How far did you get? Some of the later missions are pretty great. The last two are a little less so, but I thought it was worth playing through.

I am waiting for this downloadable content that is supposed tio arrive. New levels, new cars, etc. Never happened…

There’s some stuff coming up. Microsoft announced it at GDC. PGR3 cars, Kameo online co-op and more maps for Perfect Dark Zero. Only the PGR3 stuff really interests me though.

I’m pretty sure we’ll get more co-op online maps for GRAW too. It’s notable that they didn’t use up their Achievements budget on the released game. They left some points open for add-on content. Same goes for PGR3.

I picked GRAW up today but didn’t get a chance to play it yet because the girlfriend has discovered Jewel Quest and has been hogging the controller ever since, with no end in sight.

I’ll get my bearings this week and will be available for online sessions shortly. Hopefully by then some of you will be coming down off your Oblivion twinkie high. I swear, I’ve never seen my friends list so dominated by one game…

I sent BDGE a text message tonight noting that 21 of the 32 people I had online on my Friends List were playing Oblivion. :)

It’s insane. Will be interesting to see how long it holds up for. As McMaster pointed out, QT3ers do seem to have very ephemeral tastes. GRAW was all over my friends list last week, now it’s all but disappeared. I can’t even remember the last time I saw any of the major launch titles show up, such as PGR3, Kameo or COD2. The friends list definitely provides an interesting little statistical snapshot of what’s popular at any given time.

Don’t know if I’m still on your friends list, but I played PGR3 and Ridge racer yesterday. There’s still lots of fun to be had by the “oldies”

I just got GRAW and setup on Live tonight. So I’ll be around. (I added a few people from the Qt3 list, so if you see ‘Joelev,’ thatsa me.