Is Rock & Roll dead?


The Reading Festival?


That looks like a pretty good number of rock bands there.


Kings of Leon is a rock band.


Oh I just read the headlines and articles about it and didnt actually read the line up. Rock isnt dead after all. Except on Saturdays.


You are dead to me. :)

I think both bands early music is very good.





OK that got a laugh out of me, but then I had to wonder if maybe that’s why I liked grunge so much in college, being a good ol’ southern boy.


Well, to me it screams “white trash”.

Dave Grohl is a brilliant drummer! He drummed(?) on a Killing Joke album I really like. But I’m not a fan of Foo Fighters.


Click through. You know it’s worth it.



I’ve been pretty much done with mashups for a good long while, but that one is one of the very best ever and has gone from like a thousand views when I saw it yesterday to 46,000 already.


Yeah, that works ridiculously well.


You know what’s great about Neil Young and Crazy Horse? They were the true creators of grunge, long before any other. Yeah, even before Nirvana.


Well yeah. Zuma was pretty much granted as the definitive proto-grunge record. But Yeah, when Neil put out Ragged Glory in 1991 or whenever, it went to the top of the college charts and he toured with Pearl Jam because kindred spirits.


Dammit now you said that word and I’m gonna stay up all night listening to trashy Super Mash Bros albums.


4 boys (3 are brothers, the drummer is the odd man out) from small town Michigan… Rock Gods Forged Anew. Robert Plant, reborn?

Greta Van Fleet says HELL NO it’s not dead.


Additionally, to the question of the thread title:



Naming your death-metal band after a board game? They’re gonna made fun of at the next coven meeting.


Holy smokes, if they ever do a movie about Led Zeppelin that dude better play Robert Plant.


Technically I think Eldritch Horror predate the boardgame by about a decade… Though one of the guitarists is the owner of one of the larger local game stores.