It may be the smallest Xbox ever, but it's still not cute

Never, ever, ever buy from Woot.

Why? It’s owned by Amazon, and I’ve never had any problems. I haven’t bought anything there for a long-ass time, though.

Edit: Actually I shouldn’t say that, I just checked and I bought a cheapo wired headset there late last year. It’s fine.

I’ve bought about a dozen things from Woot over the years, no issues.

They were much cooler in the pre-Amazon days, though, when they’d have some really cool stuff at really crazy prices.

Every thing I’ve bought from Woot has been DOA or damaged over the last three transactions over about as many years. My most recent transaction was about a month ago.

At this point for me anyway Woot is like some junk emporium flea market where you buy scratched CDs in generic cases for like a penny. I don’t know how such a shoddy quality control exists with the Amazon brand behind it. It still seems to be hawking random stuff from random third parties as if it were from it’s own warehouse when it’s clearly just a storefront.

I’ve seen the Series S available almost all the time at Target (for pickup) and Walmart (for pickup). I wouldn’t risk saving just $50 to get it thru Woot (or really anywhere) unless returns are no hassle. And even then, I’d just get it from Target (like how I got mine last year).

It’s amazon, returns are easy. Fifty bucks is fifty bucks, but I agree anyone that wanted one would have picked it up over the past year or so when they’ve been easily available.

Couldn’t resist one for the bedroom.

Yeah, I’ve had good results with them historically. Better than Online Coupons & Cash Back | Shop 3,500 Stores with Rakuten, which sold me some fake 64gb microSDs back in the day.

I like the look of the Sonic Series S. But I’m not sure I like the idea of the furry controllers.

I can’t imagine how much sweat and shit would get on that, gross.

Series S $30 off on Newegg.

I don’t really get this ad at all. It’s so weird.

Why were they showing suspending that guy in mid air using a green-suited other guy? Just to make sure you know he isn’t really flying later in the ad? Wha? Maybe the tricks the person on the bike is doing weren’t really real bike tricks either?

I think it was an excuse to use a bunch of people from Tiktok for no apparent reason? Did you not notice all their screen names (or whatever the appropriate term is here)? It’s such a lousy attempt at seeming hip I’m surprised it isn’t an ad for Meta.

I missed that! I see, so it’s a bunch of celebrities. That makes sense, at least.

I’m not sure that’s a fair descriptor, but I’m just a middle-aged white guy, so what do I know?

I really like my Series S, too. I wish, however, that they wouldn’t try to get 1440p out of it and just target 1080p with the best frame rates they can get. Like Elden Ring at 1800p 30fps on the PS4 Pro. Why? This thing is supposed to be for people who don’t care about gaming in 4k, right? I have to imagine 99.9% of such people still have a 1080p TV.

Hopefully this will help.

I mean, that’s cool, but developers still have to put in the work, and I’m skeptical that they will. Sekiro runs great on the Series X, reportedly, but on the Series S runs about as good as it did on the One S, despite the Series S being vastly more powerful, because From/Activision don’t care about improving performance for the S.

That’s for past games though. I’m more concerned with future games. Apparently the low memory was the part that developers were complaining the most about. That it was the bottleneck. They’re just allowing them to access more of the memory that was reserved for the OS. Hopefully this will alleviate that problem a bit.

I still think the idea of a cheap 1080p console is a great one.

Me, too! Which is why I am continually baffled that they seem so insistent on pushing it as a 1440p console. Do any 1440p TVs even exist? Are they really pushing this thing to people who have 4k TVs but want to game at a lower resolution? If you’re already not using your TV to the fullest, why not just target 1080p and get higher framerates? I mean 1080p is a pretty straightforward downscaling from 4k, but 1440p is not. So weird.