It's Like a Flamewar With a Forum Troll, but With an Eventual Winner

Any explanation I could give is completely inadequate. Just click it.

I sent this guy $9, and you should too.

That’s brilliant. I would’ve sent that guy the $9 just for the great idea, except that

Donations cannot be accepted from non-U.S. citizens.

Somebody donate for me… I’ll make it up somehow.

I too will donate to anyone who helps donate.

Hasn’t anyone told him that office will shatter all hopes and dreams?

Funny, and very nicely lacking in jaded defeatism; I donated $50, even though I’ve never been to Kansas.

I predict this guy will

a) end up with FAR more money than he could possibly ever need

b) make the national news


Finally a candidate for Rimbo: A politician that uses unfunny comics to push bad policy.

Seriously, who says ‘non-regressive taxes’?

Federal prison for everyone!

Naw, just for the US citizens who actually make the donations. Hanzii and Equis will be fine.

The economy is being flushed down the toliet. I figure 10 years in a federal prison and I should come out the other end ok.

Maybe I’ll just sell my votes. Who wants to buy a vote in California?

Is it legal for him to accept donations from out of state? I don’t know how it works.

It’s legal to accept out-of-state donations. His opponent might use that as a talking point, though.

For serious?
Can’t they donate as they see fit (within some upper limit)?
Whether they do it out of their good heart or because I ask them on a board shouldn’t matter - how will you examine motive behind donations?

BoingBoings cooments are full of people donating on behalf of f’rners.

Because we have (ineffective) laws to keep rich folks from controlling politics, there are strict requirements that political donations be traceable and accountable. There are limits to the max per person donation per period and stipulate record keeping rules and so forth. Thus it’s illegal to be a funnel for someone else’s money because presumably you would then be helping someone else circumvent these laws.

Or the short form is, the law doesn’t allow foreigners to donate and anyone helping them do that is basically a money launderer.

Donations cannot be accepted from non-U.S. citizens.

I’d give it 9 if I could …

Ok. In that case nobody should donate for me.
Donate $8.34 for yourself and then donate $8.34 again and I will tell you how awesome you are and what good you’re doing (and I’ll buy you a pint or however much beer $8.34 gets you if we ever meet up).

Convincing somebody to donate more than they originally planned can’t be against the law, right?!

His website doesn’t load.

Donations cannot be accepted from non-U.S. citizens.

If you’re only a resident (like me) they manage to keep you out of the entire process, down to not letting me donate my money as I see fit. Of course they have no problem taking my money for taxes, social security and whatever the fuck else the government decides is fitting.