It's time to have a 2020 Presidential Election thread


I think he had to for his primary run but un-joined it after he lost.


That’s pretty much it. Though it’s not like you have to swear a blood oath or anything to run as a Dem.


As much as Bernie as annoys me, its better he runs as a Democrat in the primary then runs as an independent in the general.




I agree with this and with the sentiment that, much as his policies and ideals align with my own and, much as I believe he was an effective executive as mayor and has been an effective senator, the ship has sailed for him as a viable presidential candidate. Setting aside his age, he had a shot and while he was invaluable in engaging and inspiring the progress movement, he himself fail to connect with certain important constituencies.

Anecdotally, all of the buzz in liberal circles here in New Hampshire is about Harris.


My prediction is the progressives will end up gravitating towards Warren, the minorities towards Harris, and the white moderates towards another candidate- Biden if he runs, leading to a brokered convention, as all three blocks will have about equal support.

Harris’s path to victory depends on whether she can siphon off enough white moderate support- if Biden and Beto don’t run, I think Harris will be a heavy favorite, and I might fall in line during the primary. I don’t trust Harris’s progressivism fully, but I’m willing to give her benefit of the doubt, even if some of the progressives I talk to don’t. She seems more trustable than Hillary, and I’m not into ACAB mentality.

If Warren’s viable I’ll be supporting her hard, as I want her to win the most. If Bernie doesn’t run she has as good a chance as Harris- if Bernie wanted a progressive in the white house instead of feeding his own ego he’d bow out now.


Bernie was important in the Democratic Party’s move to the left. But the bombthrower role isn’t needed so much anymore. The progressive candidates are hardly fringe players now, and the policies Bernie highlights have largely been adopted.

Stepping on Stacy Abrams is not a good look. As Trigger pointed out, he already has issues with women and POC. This may be the final nail in the coffin, in terms of his chances to be the nominee.


Linkie for the Lazie

I think the poll is still active if peeples still want to weigh in. I certainly did!


I think it’s final now?


We need Bernie to just keep doing his thing as long as possible in the Senate. Leave the Presidency to the younger class at this point.


It’ll be interesting to see what happens if/when Biden jumps in. I’m mostly hoping he decides to stay out and let the youngsters fight it out.


Painfully slow loading, but I managed to get in my Other vote!

(I’m down with the “who can beat trump” criteria, but I’m not smart enough to know who that is, since I think in a rational world any of the candidates can, but “fool me once, shame on – shame on you. Fool me – you can’t get fooled again.”)


I’m in the same spot. Like most Dem Voters, I want the most electable candidate. Removing Trump is my top priority (followed closely by healthcare). But what does that mean? Is that a moderate like Biden, who can get those Obama-Trump voters back? Or is that a progressive like Warren or POC, who would increase turnout among key parts of the party?

I have no idea, really. Especially if this Shultzstorm gains any momentum.


There’s nothing young about two through four on that poll. If the youngsters are to fight it out, a lot of room needs to be made at the top.


I this context, I think of ‘young’ as ‘not 70.’ :)


My guess is that Biden misreads the polling, where he has decently high numbers. I suspect his age will be on display the second primary season hits, and he ends up dropping out early


If Canada annexes the US, can Trudeau be our president too? This might be the optimal solution.


Clearly a Kanye/Taylor Swift photoshop waiting to happen.


Under this proposal, he would at least get some of it:



Only now they’d want to name it Trumpland.