It's time to talk NFL Football '09 Baby!

So where’s Vick going anyway? Will Favre sign with the Vikings? How good is Brady now? Will the Steelers repeat? (I think that has to do with how good Brady is but we’ll see). Are the Bills a playoff team??

And yes, I’ll be running my suicide league again.

How bad will the Broncos be? Will the Dolphins be able to repeat last year’s success, now that everyone’s seen the wildcat? Will the Rimbot dominate as it did in 2007, or will it flop into mediocrity like it did in 2008? Will Vince Young ever justify his salary? Will Cowboys fans continue to whine?

OK, that last question was rhetorical.

I keep saying to myself Vick is too tainted to take but there is always a team looking for a QB. Especially one at a steal price.

My Panthers, according to my buddy that works there, aren’t looking to be too good this year. Lots of turnover on some of the staff, team money management issues, and of course paying obscene money to keep Peppers for another season. Combine that with the decision to keep Delhomme at QB without any contest (at least from statements so far,) and you don’t have a good recipe for success. Maybe a wildcard year at best.

My old favs, the Redskins, I haven’t been keeping up with enough to know.

Until Vick or Favre are actually signed, I’d like to pay as little attention to them as possible.
I’m looking forward to reading about the training camps!

Don’t know. Yes. Just as good. No. Yes.

This is always the best time of the year. Until the inevitable major training camp injuries even the worst teams can dream.

I’m looking forward to some sweet sweet Hasselbeck-Houshmandzadeh action.

Will the Lions repeat?

Hail to the Redskins, bitches!

Full disclosure, I am a Cowboys fan.

How can you, OF ALL PEOPLE ON THIS BOARD, talk smack about ANYONE whining after your BCS drama queen 8,000 post whinorama display from last year???

That being said, the new Texas Stadium looked awesome Sunday night hosting the soccer game. And TO is gone baby gone. So things are looking up.

Part of me wonders whether this isnt the answer to Lorini’s question about where Vick will end up…

What to look for next year as a Redskins fan.

Awesome defense.

Miserable offense, with an old broken down offensive line, and a glaring hole at RT.

Yay…another 8-8 season for us! At least I get to watch a good defense…

…until Jerrah brings Mike Vick to Dallas, you mean. :)

So pretty much like watching the Panthers play most of the time. :)

Thanks for the rundown Eightball. I miss watching the Skins each week but once the Panthers came to Charlotte, our local choices to see on TV narrowed considerably. You sort of have to become a Panthers fan by default at that point.

More or less, yes. Albert Haynesworth will play well, but $41 million dollars will be questioned. DeAngelo Hall will be streaky. Carlos Rogers will improve. London Fletcher will continue to be awesome and no one will notice. LaRon Landry will probably not get pancaked by Brandon Jacobs again. We will have a pass rush for the first time in years.

Offensively, Jason Campbell will be questioned far too often despite having hardly any weapons. Santana Moss will have a big game to beat a divisional rival, and then tweak a hamstring and be at half-speed for a month. Antwaan Randle El will catch three passes a game and make about three plays all season. Chris Cooley and Clinton Portis will be excellent, as always, but Portis will get banged up during the season because he runs so hard, and Cooley will be the target of defensive gameplans once our wideouts resume being awful. The left side of our offensive line will be good, and the right side wil either be hurt (Randy Thomas) or rubbish (everyone else).

I will continue to hate our kicker, Shaun Suisham, all year.

Here are the reasons for optimism:

We had the 4th ranked defense last year with no pass rush whatsoever; most notably, we had no interior push from the DTs. With the pass rush from Haynesworth, and adding a talented outside rusher in Orakpo, this translates to more sacks, and more interceptions and fumbles. The defense should be stellar.

On offense, one of our 2nd rounders from last year emerges as a credible option in the red zone. Likely Fred Davis or Malcom Kelly. This allows us to have a real passing attack in the red zone, whereas it was either Cooley (who was virtually quadruple teamed in the red zone last year), or Campbell trying to throw it on a fade to Santana Moss or Randle-El, both of whom are barely above midget height. We avoid the crushing injuries we had last year on the offensive line, and one of the RTs (Heyer, Bridges, or even…Mike Williams (cringe)) emerges to play decently.

With that defense, we only need a half decent offense, really.

(Sure wish it wasn’t just plain embarrassing to talk about the Oakland Raiders team this year, but it just is so carry on).

You have just ruined my week…

Actually Lorini this is my pick for where Vick will end up.

Dallas or Washington or nowhere. He has to go to a team that either thinks they can get the Vick of old and/or don’t care about image and more about selling tickets, also that think they need a QB or backup QB, so those would be the two teams that fit that bill. I expect Favre to be a Viking, he just wants to forego all the camp and preseason stuff, as usual. Brady will be rusty for the first half of the season, meaning he will be merely competent or better. The Patriots often start a little slow, so I would bet the farm on them losing in week one no matter who they play. The Steelers will not repeat but somebody is going to have to take them out in the playoffs to stop them from doing so. The Bills are not a playoff team.

Awesome! I think I speak for everyone when I say it is much appreciated.

I expect the Niners to continue their dynasty of aggressive mediocrity.

The Lions will make it to the super bowl, then lose in double overtime.

You heard it here first.