Jack Hunter and the Quest to Be Another Indiana Jones

Just stumbled across this little gem on Amazon streaming:

Three-part film series, each part about 1.5 hrs. Shameless Indiana Jones rip-off, and it’s absolutely terrible, but in all the right ways, and it’s far from boring. Actually an excellent candidate for an MST3K riff, and I don’t say that lightly. Most movies/shows that I hear people say that about don’t quite fit the mold IMO. This one has all the right ingredients, but it’s still plenty entertaining without Joel/Mike/Jonah and the boys laughing at it with you.

Found it by way of lordkosc’s Blood & Treasure recommendation. (Edit: Oops, might have dropped this in the wrong subforum.)

Oh my its 3 movies! And the lovely and talented Joanne Kelly is in them from Warehouse 13! Watchlisted!