Jay and Silent Bob Reboot - Snoogies!

This seems unnecessary, but that’s obviously never stopped them.

That just all seems terrible, and I like Kevin Smith a lot.

He’s just not a very good filmmaker. I’ll watch him tell stories for hours, though.

I’ll see it.

If i could through Yoga Hosers and Tusk, I can get through this just for morbid curiosity.

After Jersey Girl, I never looked back. Don’t feel like I missed anything. Don’t think I’ll miss anything here, either.

Having read Smith’s blog about Mewes’ addiction and the shit they went through, I am surprised that they are still together. As well, Smith seems to have lost a lot of weight. So I’ll say good for them getting backing for a new film. I will also say that I’ll watch this while high some time in the future on Netflix.

Pass. I’m skeptical the first one has aged well… Nevermind a sequel 20 years later.

Seems like no one around here listens to the excellent Smodco podcasts.

Yeah I hadn’t seen Smith in a long time until I saw him in this video where he talks about going vegan so as not to die.

Looks like standard Kevin Smith to me. You either like that sort of thing or you don’t.

Looks like standard Kevin Smith to me. You either like that sort of thing or you don’t graduated high school.

Kevin Smith just needs to let someone who can direct to film his scripts.

Real actors in the lead roles would also help.

I loved the Jay & Silent Bob movie. Will def watch this, though as mentioned some of the dialogue doesn’t flow well.

Short clip shown at some awards show or something. I guess I’ve aged out of Kevin Smith’s movies.

I’d argue Kevin Smith is the only one who hasn’t aged out of his movies.

No, I’m still in. I just watched Jay and Silent Bob Strike back last year and loved it all over again. He’s hit or miss with his humor, for sure, and I don’t like his newer stuff that much (though the one that wasn’t Tusk has its moments) but listen to his podcasts and I’ve been looking forward to this for some time now.

Kevin Smith is one of the most gifted storytellers I’ve ever heard. I could listen to him talk about his life for hours, and actually have. The guy knows how to weave a yarn.

His breakdown of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises is a hilarious couple hours.

I just don’t love his movies anymore.

I’ll go see it too. Wish we lived near each other cause going together would be a riot.

Was that Val Kilmer in the clip?

I just watched this and I thought it was fucking hilarious. Especially the last 15 minutes or so, and the credits were outstanding. Such a fun movie! Tons of really cool cameos, too. I’ll have to watch it again, I was laughing a lot and I’m sure I missed stuff.