Jim Delligatti died today. Creator of the Big Mac.

Just about everyone has tried this burger at least once.

Two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese…

He’s gone to that great sesame seed bun in the sky.

The guy also created the hotcakes and sausage breakfast item. So many memories as a kid right there.

The Big Mac is nearly the perfect fast food item. This man was a visionary.

I am not gonna lie, when I eat a Big Mac, I toss the middle piece of bun. Sorry Jim. :(

A true American hero. We should build a memorial for him right next to the Washington Monument, but taller and made of beef, bread, and thousand island dressing.

Bummer! I used to love me a Big Mac, large fries, and cherry fried pie back in the day.

The middle bun was put there because otherwise the top burger would slide off of the bottom one. Guy was a genius.

Big Mac is so overrated. Extra bread on a fucking hamburger? No thanks, get fucked.

Never cared for them, but have to admit he struck gold with it.

A back of the envelope calculation suggests that I have eaten Big Macs in over 30 countries and on five different continents (never been to Africa). The weird thing is I don’t particularly like them. But when its 11:00 pm in New Delhi and you’re looking for something to settle your beer and curry and put you to bed, its the best port in a storm.

Yet everytime I try to eat a Big Mac the entire contents slips out, so I don’t think it’s working.

Right. It doesn’t work. However, that middle bun is still vital to me. Without it (as seen in the McDouble), the sandwich becomes far too greasy. That bun breaks it up, and makes the overall texture much better.

Ironically, the last two times I loaded the topics page the next threads after this one were:

Things you should never, under any circumstances, ingest but are technically food.


Food that makes you sick.

Or, you know, just make a bigger and therefore better (because not overcooked) patty. I have never understood Big Macs.

Strangely I think the Mc Donalds by me boils their hamburgers, as they are always wet and not greasy. Also they are pretty much flavorless.

First the Big Mac guy. Now the General Tso’s chicken guy has passed.

Peng had reportedly lived in Taiwan since 1949 after he fled China. According to Taiwan News, he invented General Tso’s Chicken in 1952, first serving it to U.S. Navy Admiral Arthur Radford during his visit to Taiwan. He apparently created the dish when he ran out of new recipes after feeding Radford and several guests for three days.

General, admiral, whatever. All them gwai lo look the same anyway.

That and coconut chicken were what got me through college.

There’s a great documentary about General Tso’s Chicken and how Chinese food entrepreneurs had to adapt traditional dishes to American tastes. It also covers a bit of the history regarding the anti-Asian laws that were passed in the US to restrict Asian immigrants’ businesses.