Joker - Origin movie with Joaquin Phoenix

Officially announced at Comic-Con. “Joker”

Oct. 4, 2019

This is the origin story directed by Todd Phillips (The Hangover Trilogy, Starsky & Hutch) and starring Joaquin Phoenix. Executive produced by Martin Scorsese. This is NOT the other Joker movie being made by DC, but who knows if that will ever happen.

The release date is a bit odd since Wonder Woman 1984 is slated for November 2019.

Wow. Phoenix is probably my favorite actor right now, and we all know it is possible to deliver an amazing performance using the character of the joker.

Can’t help but worry that the movie will suck like most superhero movies (don’t shoot me!).

Well, Joaquin Phoenix always has me intrigued. He’s a fantastic actor, and if anyone can elevate a “supervillain” movie to something else, it’s him.

Cautiously optimistic.

What’s with the choice of director though? Seems an odd fit.

Here’s the first picture released from the new Joker film. The director posted this with the caption “Arthur.”

Does anyone else feel that having a definitive origin diminishes the character a bit?

I don’t believe there is such thing as a definitive origin for this character who has evolved through so many different incarnations. This is just one interpretation of the character among many.

Does anyone else feel like a movie for this one character is doomed to fail from the start?

And why are there so freaking many of them?!

Oh, that’s a relief.

I think the question is less why there are so many Joker related movies but why in the hell are there all these Suicide Squad spinoffs being worked on? Did anybody actually think Suicide Squad was a good movie?

You are asking all the right questions.

Suicide Squad exceeded expectations at $745mil with a budget of $175mil, and it has Harley Quinn which has turned into a merchandising gold mine for Warner. It helps that Margot Robbie is enthusiastically pushing for more Harley roles.

That’s interesting. I knew it was financially successful but didn’t realize that Harley Quinn became such a big deal from it.

Then there should be six Harley Quinn movies in development, not six Joker movies. I’d add a smiley face here, but all the Joker movies just annoys me too much.

Aside from the Joker origin story that list leans more heavily on Harley Quinn and Suicide Squad.

Sure, but there are TWO Joker only films on that list. WHY on Earth do we need two stand alone Joker movies? It’s … well, I don’t want to say crazy because that’s probably what they are going for…

I don’t even understand why Harley resonates with so many people. I mean, I do in the basic sense - hot woman in booty shorts and clown makeup acting nutty and hitting people with a bat. But in the general sense of why a female Joker with self-esteem issues and no superpowers, not even “Clown Prince of Crime” insane genius, appeals to people remains an enigma.

Totally agree. I like Margo Robbie well enough, but the character never did much for me. I did like her adventures with Poison Ivy in the animated series, and the one movie on the list there that seems like more of that could be fun, but otherwise I feel like DC is just firing a shotgun loaded with cooked noodles at a dart board and seeing what sticks.

The best Harley Quinn anywhere is in the Injustice games, particularly Injustice 2. Just saying. ;)

At her best, Harley’s self esteem issues make her more interesting than most comic book villains. Right out the gate, its one dimension more than most villains have. She’s often portrayed sympathetically, and she has a sense that she might be redeemable, but for her unfortunate infatuation with the Joker. She also hits a “crazy ex girlfriend” kind of archetype that, while trading heavily on misogynist stereotypes, is fairly universally recognizable in our culture.

But, like, in practice, it’s mostly just hot dummy in booty shorts.

Spoiler it for me if you have to, but why?