Jumanji 2 - More Dwayne Johnson

Yeah, same here. I was even reluctant to watch it despite the enthusiasm here at Qt3. I was thinking “Jumanji, really? What can they possibly do to make that fun?” The answer was brilliant, and I’m very interested in a sequel.

Isn’t this Jumanji 3 though, or do we just pretend the Robin Williams movie never happened? If so can we do that with a couple of the Alien movies?

Since they’re not using numbers, and Alan Parish was mentioned in the second one, I’m not sure it matters ultimately, but I guess this would be 3. Smart not to use numbers though.

Yep this is the 3rd movie. :)

It exists… the board game became the video game and that’s pretty much as far as anyone needs to care about if they didn’t like 1 or watch it again. The continuity just implies there were experiences with the board game in the past.

They also briefly stay at Alan Parish’s (i.e. Robin Williams) camp in the jungle after they meet the pilot.

Oh yeah. You’re right. I forgot about that. I actually like Jumanji 1, but I haven’t seen it in a long time.

I consider it the 4th movie, myself.

That looks like a ton of fun.

Cannot wait.

Yep looks better than the last one, seriously who thought Jumanji would turn into an amazing franchise?

It did?

It really did. I was really surprised too.

I find both Jack Black and The Rock extremely annoying. And now let me exit this thread here.

Not sure why you ever entered if you can’t stand those two, you know, a couple of the major stars from the first one.

Meanwhile… this darn movie still does not have advance tickets up for it. I want to grab them now and get them on the books!

I am so excited for Next Level. Johnson playing DeVito? More Jack Black? Golden.

I loved this.

It isn’t as surprising as the first one since there is a bit of a repeat here, but the added characters, in game and out, made it feel less of a rehash then I expected. There were pleasant surprises, new challenges and it felt just a tad short because i wanted a bit more.

I am reporting back to some parents that the language is worse, and a bit repeated throughout, just the kind of thing that parents don’t want their kids to say, not so bad like 10+ kids might be a problem but the parroting six year old might be repeating some things parents won’t like. The scary parts seemed all at the beginning to me.

Yay, can’t wait to see it!

I’ll watch anything with Karen Gillan (even Oculus), but it’s always a bonus when she’s not covered in blue paint.