Jurassic World: Dominion - Sam Neill and Laura Dern are back

No reason except ‘hey look, a thing from this other (better) movie!’

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Yep, I recalled the name, then said to myself how did this guy get promoted?

Its such a weird character callback. Like how did this (presumably) go-between flunkie become the billionaire CEO of a tech company? Why did the writers think anyone would care about that connection?

I just want to interject, because I’m a tad baked (and drunk) that I just tried watching this on Amazon and it made absolutely no sense. Absolutely impossible to follow. All I kept thinking was “when is someone gonna be et?”

I feel your pain. I tried to watch this sober. I didn’t make it to the opening credits before pouring a double of bourbon.

The script for this was such shit, not even the original cast could salvage this film.

What is holding them back from getting a decent scriptwriter?

Those of us who watched sober had the same reaction. Sadly, the answer is always “not soon enough”.

Status quo says they can make upwards of $1B without investing in a good script.

What is holding them back from getting a decent scriptwriter?

Imagine a movie that starts off terribly, with the main characters struggling through a few action sequences to find a lost scriptwriter, and when they find one the movie writing immediately improves.

Anyway, I quit this 2/3 of the way through, which I almost never do. It’s not bad in a fun way.

Like an inversed version of Adaptation

Oof, I tried to watch this but the basic premise is just not doing it for me. Dinosaurs are loose in the environment? We can make more of them whenever we want to? Fuck sake, just kill them all and start over. It’s like a scientist invented lionfish in the Caribbean, who gives a fuck about this horrible invasive species?

If the entire world was vegan then I could see an argument, but not this as presented.

My kids and nephews loved it. Dinosaurs yay! T-Rex yay! These movies just aren’t really for adults anymore I guess.