Just Cause 4

Mad Max meets Rage 2?

Spring patch, adds destruction to a game that was missing a lot of destruction.

Also a new paid dlc, with aliens or umm demons?

I installed this yesterday when I signed up for another 3 months of Game Pass. Hopefully I’ll get to try it out tonight.

Don’t see it in the patch notes but I swear rock and grass textures are higher res than they were when I played the other day…

edit: eeeeh, maybe not…

These sound like good changes, though probably not enough to solve the structural problems. Loving the increase in ammo.

I’ve got other games on my plate at the moment but this certainly makes me want to jump back in.

I only played for about 30 minutes last night, but it was fun. I got through the tutorial area, and then the part where they took away my grapple hook (noooooo!) and then gave it back to me (Yaaaaay!).

I just love the traversal in this game. I’d really missed it in other open world games.

Yeah the traversal is awesome. I also appreciate that Rico now has some basic vaulting/climbing ability! No more having to grapple up shoulder-high obstacles.

I really hope that instead of killing the franchise they go back and look at what made JC2 so great and the additions that took away from JC3/JC4.

I’ve enjoyed JC3/JC4, but in the same way I enjoy the new Star Wars movies. Familiar and fun, but they don’t have the impact of their predecessors.

But they already had 2 games to look back and see what made JC2 so good.

They just don’t seem to get it.

Did this have the same publisher as Rage 2? Wondering if a big patch likely there…

No, this is Square Enix.

Ehh IGN video is weak, this other one is better:

I watched both those videos. Very informative. Thanks!

I decided to skim the 4+ new pages of posts on the Steam forums. I think I will wait for this to hit $10.

Ummm… ok

Any brave soul try the new dlc?

I recall @tomchick mentioning wanting to give it a go, maybe it will be a upcoming Friday or Monday stream? :)

It’s not great. It literally just plops some demon infested areas on the map and asks you to clear them by blowing up the hotspots on the demon growths.

I think I am gonna remove this from the wishlist.

And… GONE.

But I’ll still post about updates…

Played JC3 after release but it was buggy mess and was never fixed… JC4 had mostly negative reviews on steam, I didn’t even looked at it, what a shame.