Just got my Battlefield: Vietnam

As if Harvest Moon wasn’t enough fresh gaming goodness for one day, my copy of Battlefied: Vietnam also showed up today.

For some strange reason I was never able to get into BF1942 despite my best efforts, but I’m going to start afresh with this new incarnation.

Any fellow QT3ers going to be playing? I know there’s been some talk of this in the Planetside grinds, so wondering if there’s a chance of setting up a BF:V TeamSpeak game…

I am planning to order BF: Vietnam tonight. I’ve played a pretty good amount of BF1942, thought I’ve never joined a clan and such.

I’d like to do that if people are up to it. Bought a new headset yesterday.

Just much fun to have hidden artillery behind a hill, blam blam.

I got it today as well. So far, my impressions is that the game is alright. I’m gonna try it some more and see if it grows on me, but I’m just not feeling the love for it. I don’t understand what changed in me, because I used to love the demo for BF1942. I think Planetside has spoiled me.

I have been playing a ton of desert combat and BF: V just feels mushy. The responses are slower, the damage seems to be less for some of the weapons, why in Vietnam did we send guys in with worse bazookas and tanks than WWII?

Also don’t like alot of the graphical choices, i miss having the counter of ammo left for planes etc represented by the munition type.

Is there a way to turn off all the chatter?


I’ll probably be switching back and forth between Battlefield Vietnam and UT 2004 this week, but I’d be very interested in getting together with some QT3 folks to play around with Battlefield. I’ll be running a Ventrilo server later tonight to hook up with Xaroc. I can open it up to other folks if there is any interest in me doing so.

In any case, there’s a good chance that I’ll be trolling around on the |oWs| Hallowed Grounds (or Hallowed something or other; search for |oWs|) server, if I am playing Battlefield. Come by and visit.

You know, given that a lot of folks here get together regularly, it almost seems like we should have an official Ventrilo or TeamSpeak server for just this sort of thing. Has anyone ever done anything like this?

Overall, I’m happy with my purchase.

I think a good number of opinions in mainstream gaming forums are being formed by early rants from people playing warez copies without manuals. though the included manual really doesn’t inform much about the new gameplay features either.

There’s a bunch of small gameplay changes and additional features that one has to get to know to properly use to their advantage, though I recall I had a similar learning curve at the beginning of 1942’s initial release period as well.

I do think the new features will make an excellent base for an improved Desert Combat mod, if that’s something possible for the team behind it.

Although many are painting this as a competitor to Unreal Tournament 2004, for me they’re both complementary rather than competitive. I can easily see myself going back and forth for the strengths each brings to the table.

Only been playing for about an hour so far, but I’ve been having a good time. I’m not carrying any BF:1942 baggage into this game, so I’m enjoying it for what it is.

So far it has a good feel with what appear to be nicely balanced weapons and a good variety of vehicles.

It’s a simple touch, but the addition of the 60s pop music adds a whole bunch to the atmosphere, particularly when riding in vehicles. I can’t wait to get blasting with my M60 out the side door of a Huey while “Ride of the Valkyries” is blaring away.

How can I shoot women and children? It’s easy. You just don’t lead them so much.

As much fun as all this is, however, it’s slightly difficult to reconcile oneself with these traditional smaller-scale FPS battles after getting a taste of Planetside. While PS has a LOT of problems, that sprawling persistent battlefield is just so seductive and now anything else just seems like a step down again.

In any case, I’d love to try to get together a QT3 expeditionary force to try out some TeamSpeak-powered Vietnam action. Who’s interested?

How can I shoot women and children? It’s easy. You just don’t lead them so much.

GET SOME! GET SOME!!! hhahahahahhaaha

Well, BFV is not on my shopping list right now. I prefer games with a strong single-player component, so that’s one strike. The second is that while the whole BF experience is pretty good, when I get the hankering to play, I inevitably end up on some server where most of the players are wankers (like foul-mouthed bots set at the lowest intelligence rating) or are off on a tangent. The last server I played, half the players were challenging each other to knife fights and the game just ground to a halt.

UT2004 sure is good though. I have a feeling that UT2K4 is what was supposed to come out, but Epic had to release UT2K3 as an interim release. Good stuff.


Any one who runs is VC. Anyone who doesn’t run is a well disciplined VC!

“Me no boom-boom with soul brother…too beaucoup” :P

So far I am really enjoying the game. My favourite maps are the city ones, which are reminiscent of the “Full Metal Jacket” Hue city scenes.

Can anyone get their custom music files to play? When I’m in a vehicle and I hit O, nothing comes up for me; not even the old music menu. Also, I noticed they shrunk the amount of in-game commands to just one F-key, but how do I say the other commands such as “Requesting Airlift” which is on the same key as “Requesting Reinforcements”.

I’m sure someone else can point out the flaw in my reasoning, but is there compelling reasons to play a regular soldier class versus the anti-armor class? The combination of the M60 and LAW seems to be pretty jack-of-all-trades lethal.

I do kind of dislike the helicopter controls. A little too “easy”, they seem like they forgive a little too much, especially after getting used to playing Desert Combat using my X45. Granted, neither control scheme is very realistic, but the more unstable approach in DC allows me to do more creative flying.

Quickly double-tap the key to get the second command on the list, or triple-tap it for the third, etc.

Hey Derek, mind giving me some tips on how to fly helicopters. I get in those things and have no freaking clue what I’m doing. I can take off and fly in a straight line and level, but when I aim down to shoot at something, or try to land, I royally screw something up and the bird comes crashing down (mostly upside down or out of control careen into trees). Heh.

I can’t get BFV to run.

FIXED ! See next post.

Fixed it ! :D

As per the forums -

Go to you bfvietnam/mods/bfvietnam/setting/videodefault.con file

Edit the last line to this (renderer.allowAllRefreshRates 1) to allow all refresh rates

Can anyone tell me what the hell an evolution map is?
The manual has a whole five pages of info but there is no mention of this.

Peter, evolution maps are paired battles on related maps. For instance, you play the Ho Chi Minh trail as the NVA driving back the US, then you play the alternate version (Cambodian Incursion) as the US driving back the NVA. The winner is tallied from the results of both matches.

Off the top of my head, I think there are only two more evolution combos: Hue and Reclaiming Hue, then Quang Tri 1968 followed by the more battered Quang Tri 1972.

Jaysun, as for flying helicopters, just load up Operation Irving with a 10-1 ratio of bots to humans (that’s as high as it will go), then play as the US. The NVA don’t have air power and they can’t capture your base, so you can grab the helicopter and practice against the dumbass bots. The only thing you have to watch out for is that ZSU, but the bots are too stupid to move it out of the fishing village. So with the exception of the odd SA-7 shot (you can survive one hit, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to land and repair), you can fly around the artillery ridge and temple with impunity.

One thing to keep in mind as you’re learning is that you should limit your axes of input as much as you can. First work on altitude combined with pitching forward for speed. Practice coming back to a hover and then landing. Keep in mind you can slam these things down pretty hard so think of landing as a slightly controlled collision with the ground. Then start working with the tail rotor to effect yaw (the strafe keys) and finally fold in the fine art of banking.


“If a place needs helicopters, it’s probably not worth visiting.” – Nick Lappos

I second Tom’s advice. The BFV helicopters lose altitude pretty rapidly once you tilt too far off the level plane and once you do so it’s often impossible to correct the situation. Often most people will get into trouble trying to hit a target below that’s far too close to them instead of moving off some distance, changing your altitude and making the angle you have to tilt in order to line up the shot less extremet and therefore less dangerous.

Also, some trees are more apt than others to jump out at unsuspecting pilots, which tends to catch one unawares no matter how much experience you have in game.

The changes in landing are definitely welcome here, compared to the Ford Pinto behavior that helicopters have in Desert Combat. I still find myself avoiding landing whenever possible due to force of habit, but you can bring your bird down pretty hard and not get even a dent.

The one thing that has stood out for me, in terms of watching the bitching and moaning in in-game chat, is the debate over the M-60 kit. As noted above, you can take the pig with a LAW or a thump gun (M-79 grenade launcher), and, well, there’s not much reason for anything else if you’re a min-maxer type. The M-60 in the game is deadly accurate even on the move and has a prodigious ammo capacity. Regardless of what is ‘right’ historically (who cares that much, it’s a Hollywood war here), in game terms it seems at first glance to be a bit unbalancing. I see far fewer M-16 armed grunts than pigmen.

There has to be a benefit to going with the M-16 but I can’t figure out what it is :)