Kaby Lake System Build


Yeah, just gonna go ahead with a fresh install. Apparently I can just reactivate windows 10 by logging back into my Microsoft account after I install the OS again going by what I read online.

Won’t it give me problems because I have too many new hardware changes?

Parts for my system should all be here by Monday, the egg had to ship everything out of CA instead of the local NJ location. :(

Parts are here!


@DennyA , so how is the new upgrade running?


Solid and performing well, but I’ve only OC’d to 4.3/4.6 GHz as I’ve been super busy and haven’t had an hour or so to sit and tweak things to find a stable, faster OC. Plus, it’s plenty fast now. :)

Only issues I’ve had were with the stability of some of the Asus utilities (BSODs on reboot), but upgrading those seems to have fixed that. Annoying, though, because I went with Asus because in the past that always meant rock-stable.

All apps and games are on SSDs now, which is really nice. I do have a couple of old hard drives in there to hold my photos, videos, music, downloads, and other stuff where speed isn’t a factor, but having all executables on SSD is really nice.


Yeah do the upgrade, I came to the conclusion that my old cpu/ram/mobo was actually limiting my GTX1080, from the few benchmark reviews I read.


Ran the CPU-Z bench before the upgrade and after the upgrade, numbers went up, so I think it was worth it! :D



Gonna run some benches with Ashes Escalation next. I ran a set before when the i7-2600k was installed. Now to see how much of an improvement there is.


Prices be dropping!

Saw the i7-7700k is down to $299.99 now at some retailers (Micro center).

I issued a price re-wind thanks to my citi card. So I am getting $50 back!
Add to that the $20 I got back from the rewind on my RAM, that dropped in price a week after I bought it, and the $30 in rebates on my mobo. Its been a good week so far!


Ryzen pre-orders have arrived, and Intel is worried. You can get an 8-Core/16-Threaded Ryzen for $330.



Impressive, I haven’t followed AMD cpu’s since the late 2000’s.

Glad there is some real competition again and the push for more cores. :D

Looking at the article you listed, they still need to work on clock speeds. But I can understand with all those cores , they have to keep speeds down to maintain a certain thermal level.

Now to get software to use them all will be the next hurdle.


I remember similar sentiment before Bulldozer. We’ll see what the benchmarks say.


I need to see how 8C/16T Ryzen cores do in Handbrake. Transcoding is something for which you can never have enough cores.


Not the same as Bulldozer; Ryzen benchmarks are actually available and unless AMD is flat-out lying it performs extremely well at a great price-point.

This should trigger a price war and get intel to drop their prices immediately, which is a great thing for desktop consumers.

It still isn’t competitive in mobile of course, and laptops are the vast majority of computers sold today.


So great to see. I reviewed CPUs for years and every AMD review in the late Athlon and Phenom generations ended up with a variation of “but if you’re bargain-hunting, you could still consider it I guess but otherwise Intel’s faster, uses less power, and smells better.”

Would love to see AMD back to the K6 glory days of giving Intel a run for the money. Especially since my CPU-hungry work is editing video, so the multi-core approach works well for me.


@DennyA I’m in the same situation you was. I’m on a 2600k@4.6Ghz CPU and a GTX 980 (upgraded a when it came out), I’m also playing X-Plane 11 and I REALLY WANT TO KNOW YOUR IMPROVEMENTS! :) And If you have the time, please plug in your old graphics card and see what kind of impact the CPU does. I really hope you have an awesome simming experience now! :)



Alas it would be way too big a hassle to swap cards between PCs, @teobald. I can say that Prepar3D in VR went from jerky to smooth, and that X-Plane 11 is running smoothly at 3440x1440 (non-VR) with Ortho4XP Photoscenery. I’m pleased, but I didn’t get XP11 until after I’d already moved to the new rig, so I don’t have the a direct comparison with the old one.


Are we still expecting further price drops on Intel? I’m close to wallet-opening stage with an i7 7700k (and associated bits)!


Microcenter is still the lowest I’ve seen at $299, I was able to get my pricematch credit card to refund me the difference to their lower price.



Even though stusser is a hating hater who hates, the m.2 loves its heatsink


Looks like it also doubles as a surface for cooking bacon.


Funnily enough the sticker has a bit of metal in it, so they are using the branding sticker as a ghetto heatsink as well.

I dunno why they wouldn’t just include a simple low profile heatsink on the 960 pro drives at least, as a “pro” perk.


So the Optane modules have shipped, but they only buffer the boot drive. So, useless for me, since I have a 1TB MX300 SSD as my boot drive,.

I was hoping they’d cache any drive in the system, since I have a couple of HDDs for storing non-executable stuff.

Bummer. Oh well, leaves me an open slot for another m.2 SSD when I need more storage later.