Kickstarting and Screaming



For fans of Trail of Cthulhu and/or Robin Laws and/or the works of Robert W. Chambers and roleplaying, you may want to check out the new project from Pelgrane Press:

I have every confidence this is gonna be a hell of a game.


What was that Kickstarter game that had the village, a monster, and a dungeon that constantly changed. Every night the monster would kill off a random villager and the stories village dynamically changes depending on who was killed…


Likewise. No sale! Unless it releases in a fully complete state, and is awesome. Then I might pick it up in a sale.


They reached 125% of their goal.
Looks cool, although from what I can gather from browsing Steam a lot of promising games just get abandoned. Hopefully not the case here.


I do note I think they made a mistake in offering “exclusive Kickstarter DLC”. I suspect they will need to roll that one back eventually. But they definitely finished strong. We’ll see where they are in 18 months. ;>


They posted it on Rock Paper Scissors


Well…got on the kickstarter bandwagon…like an idiot.


One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows
Deep Space D-6
Black Orchestra
Street Masters
1066: Tears to many mothers
Helionox, Deluxe Edition

I am excited for all but Gloomhaven. For some reason I just have to get that game…whether I want to or not.

Pumped for Street Masters as I think my kid will like to play it…and I keep having issues finding things he wants to play…if I can ever get him off the PS4 that is.


Police Stories looks like an RPG version of Door Kickers. Last48 hours. $15 for Steam.


Ohhhhhh, looks vaguely SWATish. I’m in.


You know what game needs a remake? Future Cop LAPD.


I recently found out about that game. Finding a PC copy has been difficult.


I played it on a Mac, back in the day.


Developed in Russia, huh? Luckily you’ll be playing as police and not their special forces.


Awesome. :)


Don’t worry, it already reached its goal. There’s even a free demo.


Good news is I was already motion sick.


FYI, you can turn off all of the swaying and bobbing.


Neil Degrasse Tyson’s game is up on kickstarter now - seems to have gotten a strong start.


Sounds kinda cool but looks like it’s at a very early stage, no? And it seems they’re trading on Neil’s popularity to a large extent - not that this is inherently bad; they can generate a lot of buzz. But they need to back it up with solid development - and it seems like nothing is behind it (yet). They claim August 2018 as the delivery, but I’ve never seen a video game on kickstarter hit the release date, so I wouldn’t expect it until August 2019.

I eagerly await seeing the development of this happen but I’m not going to back it here.

FYI, at the end of the video, they reference the Space Odyssey Game website - amusingly, it redirects to the kickstarter page. So we’re way early in the process.