Kickstarting and Screaming


Kinda reminds of overly ambitious projects like No Mans Sky?


This. Looks fantastic if executed, but I am wary. The KS amount is relatively small, though they say they have other investors. I’m tempted, but the game looks so ambitious.


I should be excited about Space Odyssey, but I’ve read the kickstarter page and looked at the videos and still can’t figure out what the heck it is. Seems like they’ve got a bunch of ideas but it’s way, way too early in development. Considering they are not using the Kickstarter for funding of the game itself (so they say) – just for community-building and testing – I don’t understand why they didn’t do the Kickstarter when they were further along and had soomething to show other than concept art.

Also, this just gives me the heebie jeebies:

There will be DLCs down the road and the ability to accelerate building and gameplay with micro-transactions, but they are not required to play the full scope of the game upon release. There may be sponsor-drops of cool gadgets and assets for all players. We are discussing that for down the road. That will likely occur after the standard release of the game (but you never know-life is full of surprises.)

Sponsor drops?

Anyway, I sort of doubt they are going to hit their goal unless they can drum up some major enthusiasm, and there’s nothing here making me enthusiastic. They’ve been up for a month and they’ve got three pretty ho-hum updates.


I’m not excited about Space Odyssey at all. It looks like a scam with barely any there there. And where’s NDT pimping this shit with his name on it? Super sketch to me.


Oh my god that’s like the epitome of Kickstarter campaigns you should be wary of.

Are they kidding with this? Their “legendary team” is:

  • An Astrophysicist who knows nothing about making games
  • A “head of story” who’s known for comic books and…knows nothing about making games
  • A team of concept artists who…don’t claim to know anything about actually making games

And then they acknowledge this:

The funding goal via our Kickstarter campaign will not cover the financial requirements to develop Space Odyssey.

The team behind Space Odyssey initiated the conceptualization process of the game through self-funding, then sought outside funding that’s earmarked towards development.

It’s basically no different from all of the kids of message boards who claim to have great “ideas” yet don’t know anything about why game development is such an impossible undertaking.

No one in game developing is lacking ideas. What’s lacking are enough knowledgeable people who know how to say “no” to projects like this.


Bah, they have until Dec 2018 to deliver. No problem. ;>


Can modern computer data storage contain a realistic simulation of Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s ego, though?


It seems the actual game developers connected to Space Odyssey are Big Red Button Entertainment, creators of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric.



How dare you sir. That man is a national treasure AND WILL NOT ACCEPT ANYTHING OTHERWISE.




He sure is. Just ask him! #NoCarlSagan

(Kidding. I like the visibility he gives science. But his approach sometimes feels a bit self-promotional. But hey, he’s having fun and doing good, so…)


I miss Carl Sagan terribly.


Update for Darkest Night 2E backers: their new fulfillment window is December 2017.

After all the trouble they’ve had with this game, I can’t imagine VPG will be doing miniatures in the future.


Level 99 Games launched a reprint/2E campaign for Argent: The Consortium yesterday. Worker-placement game themed around teachers at totally-not-Hogwarts competing to be the new chancellor. The new edition includes errata and redesigned miniatures with base rings.

The campaign includes a new mini-expansion at all reward levels $10 and up, upgrade options for existing owners, and the game itself for $60. Barring anything bad happening in the next five weeks, I’ll be in for a copy, since I’ve enjoyed Level 99’s other work and Argent sounds great.

Also in board games, The Stonebound Saga (formerly Land of Zion - they determined too many people were seeing religious allusions that weren’t really there and changed the name for this relaunch) is finally doing well this time around, and has five days left. $39 plus shipping for a turn-based tactics game that uses character cards instead of miniatures. Counting stretch goals currently reached, the game will include a whopping 51 characters to draft your team from.


Argent is probably my favorite worker placement game. I went in for the mini-expansion and upgrade pack, myself.


I talked myself out of Argent a couple of years ago, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it a second time.


A few cool new RPG Kickstarters in progress:
Spellbound Kingdoms: Arcana, the first sourcebook for Spellbound Kingdoms. Not familiar with Spellbound Kingdoms? Neither was I, but after reading the following review I am sold as fuck.
Highlights include caring about things enough literally making you immortal (and this applies for villains too), combat styles (including magical) that you navigate around as a map of varied and increasingly powerful maneuvers, being raised by wolves or being a type of troll that first turned up dismembered and shipped in a bunch of mysterious shipping crates being common backgrounds, and an engineer class where you can build giant ziggurats and animated statue armies as class features.

The Spire from Grant Howitt (designer of games like Goblin Quest and Honey Heist, as well as a co-designer on the current edition of Paranoia), a game about dark elves carrying out revolutionary acts of terror and subterfuge against the oppressive high elf regime in a massive vertical city.

Plus as you advance, so does your rebellion, and so new character abilities come with a rapidly destabilizing society, which is pretty damn cool.

And finally, Legacy: Life in the Ruins 2E. A Powered by the Apocalypse game about guiding a dynasty through exploration, rebuilding and survival in the ruins of the world before. This is a revised edition that will add polish and a bunch of additional campaign frames and such. I’m a sucker for a wide spectrum of PBTA concepts because I love the system and people have done a lot of creative and cool stuff with it, but this is one of my favorite ideas, for sure. (Caveat - I haven’t actually played it. Like the other two, just hooked by the hooks, y’know?)


Time for me to pimp the Empire Deluxe Combined Edition Kickstarter. it already has more pledges than the latest Doom had with their kickstarter!

(Yeah, ok so Doom did not have one…)

Empire Deluxe Combined Edition