Kingdom Come Deliverance II: masterclass in how to do a videogame reveal

Today at 20.00 CEST (2PM EST) Kingdom Come Deliverance II has been fully unveiled:

Current planned release date is for later this year, in 2024.

First screenshots:

As soon as I saw this on Reddit I thought of you, checked the forum, and sure enough, you had already posted. :)

Also, this year? That’s a bit of a surprise. A happy surprise, but a surprise nonetheless.

Yeah they are doing it the exact opposite way compared to first game. First game - known since 2012, kickstarted in 2014, open development with million updates, public alphas, betas…

Sequel - 5 years in development without announcement, announced, releasing the same year.

This strategy worked well for Bethesda with Fallout 4, so I am not surprised by it.

Another reason to get a new computer.

This is masterclass in how to do videogame reveal. Labor of love.

Agreed. Opening with the actors was a brilliant move. I was so confused at first but also so excited. :D

Not a lot of information, yet, though. Sure, it seems to look and sound awesome, but I’m really curious about what changed gameplay and systems wise. I guess we’ll get to know soon.

Dan Vavra thinks it’s too big! Ok, that was just the city I think. Still funny.

And who are this scary bunch?


Looks really great. Having so much more resources to spend on making the sequel should hopefully fix some of the rough edges of the first one.

But where is Tess? :slight_smile:

There is lot of stuff here, but in czech only for now

Hopefully they will make subtitles.

It’s a reminder that trying to convince people watching that the game will be good is like preaching to the choir. :)

Any report on head-bob? Did anyone ever figure out a really good way to mod it out of the first game?

:) Asking for a…friend.

Did not test it myself but there is a mod

Hmm. That looks like a different mod for headbob than the one I tried a couple of years ago. I’ll give it a shot, thanks!

Cannot wait for this, YES! This looks like more of the same with improved everything, and I am excited about it.

So after initially going with just the title, you changed the subject header to “coming in 2024”? I swear, it’s like some of you don’t want people to click on your threads. Have a little pride in your threads, especially if you’re going to make statements like “masterclass in X”! : )

Anyway, a sequel, huh? Bring it! I liked the first game, although I never finished it. It obviously needed more spellcasting, magical artifacts, and dragons, so maybe in the sequel?


:D Thanks, Tom.

Strange I cannot embed gifs.

I was excited about this, but I’m a little annoyed they’re trying to make it much bigger.

Not every videogame needs to be a “behemoth.”

I’m annoyed it’s called KC: Deliverance 2 instead of KC: Whatever comes after a deliverance.