Kingdom Come: Deliverance


I’ve been browsing the KCD subreddit these last few days and saw a number of threads where people expressed their satisfaction with performance on PS4 after the latest patch.

I’m on PC, using a modest gpu, and while I have no problem out in the wilderness the cities and some battle heavy story sections of the game can drop the fps down to a slideshow, so I imagine it’s even worse on the consoles.


And finished, after ~80 hours. There’s not much to say other that this is currently the GOTY for me. Outstanding game that once again proves that stories borne from simple human interactions often make for the most intriguing material. AAA RPG devs, take note.

If I had to point out some flaws I’d have to say that mass combat, particularly targeting and animation locks (clinches etc), could use some tweaking, and the final part of the story could use some pacing tweaks. Siege quest was the biggest offender here, after a strong sequence of great story bits it completely broke the pace and the game barely recovered at the end. Fortunately the characters were so well written that I was engaged all the way until the end.

I’ve also ran into a number of bugs, but fortunately nothing gamebreaking. The game will only get better with time and I look forward to revisiting it a couple months down the line with more dlcs and tweaks behind it.


Glad to read you liked it. 80 hours is pretty substantial. Did you play it completionist way trying to do all sidequests?


Yes, completionist. The only thing I ignored were the miller quests and some pickpocketting/stealing activities, because I found them frustrating at early levels.

edit: I also failed the heretics quest for the Vicar because I got sidetracked with other stuff and never got the chance to see any of it because it failed automatically.


I love the game, but man, I suck hard at sword fighting. Two dudes in armor or Cumans and I’m toast.


I’ll see your two dudes in armor. One dude with a sword can kick my ass.


Try the mace. Start clinch, push them back, mace to the head (swing from above). Very easy to win most fights like this.


What do I clench now?


I have tried this, but I’m only like 2 in mace compared to 8 in sword, and I never seem to be able to pull off a clench. They can clench me all the time, though.

I do find that unarmored bandit types are best dealt with with an edged weapon. A few thwacks with a sword usually does it. But armored foes seem to be able to take multiple piercing arrow hits and mace strikes with impunity.


I also have a quibble with how some quests work. Sometimes, without any indication that this is going to happen, talking to someone triggers a teleport to some encounter where, often enough, I’m sliced and diced and have to redo a chunk of material from a sleep save. I guess I’m supposed to use the schnapps every time before a fight? I mean, these fights pit you against four or so heavily armored and armed foes, and given that I can’t hit the broad side of a barn it seems with a bow, it’s like not amusing.


You can talk your way out of that fight. Initially that’s what I did, but died stupidly later before I could sleep and save.

Since I had to redo it anyway, next time I tried fighting them and was promptly slaughtered despite my decent armor and occasional ability to block or land a blow.

So on the third time, I put my horse nearby before triggering the encounter and make sure to face him in a direction so that when I started galloping the second one foot found a stirrup I wouldn’t run straight into a tree or building. As soon as the fight initiated I tried to sprint to the horse. Things didn’t work out well initially but I managed to finally mount up and get away. I kited two away and took them down with horse archery. Not sure where the leader or the other bandit got off to.

Practice at lot of archery. Do basic or advanced archery contests in Rattay until you feel you’ve got it down. I think I spent a whole game day doing that. You can practice without starting a contest as well, but the contest is nice since it shows you on the little diagram where your arrow landed. Though I can now win advanced archery contests pretty regularly, in combat I still miss 2/3 of shots I take even at close range.


I think we’re talking about different fights. I did the one behind the windmill (cheesed it, really) but this one is later in the game and is triggered when you talk to Ulrich about going to raid the place where the forgers are. As soon as you say let’s do this, poof, you are near the location, and what is worse, your battle buddy there won’t actually follow you if you want to, you know, flank or something. He charges in no matter what, and if you take a roundabout path to get an advantage, you end up watching him get slaughtered and have to fight all the enraged bad guys yourself. Ugh.

I do need more archer practice; are there any trainers like for sword and stuff? In real life, I have far less trouble with a bow because I can instinctively tell where I’m pointing/aiming, but in the game, it’s totally weird, and the power of the bows (that is, range) is wonky as hell. It’s like they are toy bows.


You can train with Sir Robard or Captain Bernard for Swords.

As for bows - I had a similar problem, and I can normally play fps games without crosshair.


I actually made a small plum line with thread and a washer and attached it to my monitor through the center-point to get an initial idea of how to line up my shots on the horizontal.


Yeah, training with swords is no problemo, though actually fighting is tough for me. I tend to never seem to do much damage to armored foes. Maybe back to the morningstar!


You might have more luck with stabs, I don’t know. To me using swords on armored enemies felt like trying to open a can of tuna with a toothpick. Once I switched to blunt weapons it was like night and day - plus you can get the Baillif’s mace quite early, and it’s pretty cheap too - 900 groschen if I remember correctly. Swordsmith in Rattay sells it.


Of course, even though I’m in good armor, the enemies seem to have no problem turning me into sushi…


It’s not just you. Though I’ve now got two longsword combos down to where I can pull them off more often than not, I think my primary melee skill remains running to my horse. If I could change the character’s name I’d have to go with “Sir Robin” at this point.

In melee I’m willing to take on one, maybe two guys who are barely to lightly armored. When I see dudes with real armor I maybe consider getting into melee if it’s a one on one and I’ve already got an arrow in them.

I’ve been focusing on longsword but now that I’m encountering more armored foes it’s probably time to take out the mace go beat on Bernard for a while.


Finally the second Collector’s Edition arrived. Had to go to ebay for it. On the left is the one by Deep Silver, on the right is the one I got from Kickstarter.

I tried the PS4 Pro version briefly (only was in Skalitz). Few impressions

  • it runs at stable 30fps there, plays well
  • LoD and pop-in is not as severe as I expected
  • textures are significantly lower res than on PC maxed out, some textures (hay) look really bad
  • render resolution is 1080p, overall the game still looks pretty good
  • initial loading time is brutal, like a minute compared to few seconds on PC
  • it is weird that there is no option to change controller sensitivity…default is ok but I would prefer a bit faster setting


Collecting enough money to rebuild the village you routed the bandits out of requires a fairly hefty effort, it seems. Looks like I have to sink ten grand or more into the damn place before it will start making money. Luckily, there seem to be plenty of bandits to fund this effort through giving me their stuff.