Kingdom Come: Deliverance

I gave up after 20+ hours. There just wasn’t enough to keep me interested. I did appreciate their approach for making something different, but I didn’t find it enjoyable after the first 15 hours or so.

Finished at 58 hours :)

I’d say on one hand it’s a must play, but on the other there’s a fair amount of awkwardness to drag yourself through. And medieval Bohemia was largely made of mud, which depressed me.

Thanks for the recent write ups guys, I may just remove this from the wishlist all together, far more fun games exist.

Eh, maybe. I found a lot of fun simply exploring the amazing (to me) landscape. It’s as close to a realistic medieval-era setting as we’re likely to get in a game. I found the combat often awkward, and the quests often buggy, and yes, the game does drag in the middle. But I don’t regret in the slightest buying it, and will probably return to it at some point in the future and just start from scratch again.

I guarantee it’s a better game than 70% of what you have in your backlog!

The landscape is amazing, in that it’s so real, but it is kind of homogenous. Sometimes you just want a lava level.

I think I disagree. LordKosc has some good stuff in his backlog I believe.

Yep, 70% of an almost 1000 game backlog still leaves 300 good games to play. :P

Anyway my luck this will be in a humble monthly and I’ll end up with it anyway.

So I was correct, it’s about the 300th best game.

What were we talking about again? Hennnnry!

Finally started my full playthrough with v1.9.2 and all DLCs on Hardcore mode. So far (30 hours) no significant bugs (I fell into the ground in the forest once). I love the hardcore mode btw, I was worried about some of the changes (not seeing Henry’s icon on the map) but it is actually brilliant in how it raises the immersiveness. I would say this is the most immersive game since STALKER (perhaps tied with RDR2).
There is of course more “clunk” in the animation work and whatnot, but eh, couldn’t care less (yes it is couldn’t you “could” heathens).

I had 8 saviour schnappses that I got in Skalitz, so when I had only two remaining, I had to learn how to brew more, that was fun! But first I had to learn to read, hah. Now I can make three schnappses from one round of brewing so it goes fast.

Few shots from my so far journey

Moody Talmberk at night

And during the day, view from its bridge

Rattay church, early morn after I woke up in a pigsty because my Henry is somnambulant

You see that mountain? You can climb it!

Today I spent most of my day in Sasau, where I investigated stone masonry crime, got into some proper shenanigans with Charlatan (poor Mr. Loukota…and Prokop) and picked up a wedding gift for lady Stephanie. Then I went to sleep in a local inn and these views greeted me

Now it is 1:30 AM so I guess I too should go take a nap. Sigh.

Can’t you just buy schnapps until you learn how to brew your own? Been a while since I played but HC mode does sound fun.

Schnapps costs around 150 groshens, while when I was running out I had around 400 on me (now I have around 1200) so I really did not want to spend all my money on it. It was much cheaper to find some belladona, buy some wine and brew it. Plus I improved my alchemy skills with it.

Oof yeah, that’s expensive. I forgot nearly everything about the game’s save system but if I remember correctly you can still save by sleeping at inns and such? Seems a little impractical to have 8 saves total until you learn to read (which can be 20-30 hours into the game).

Also, are you using closed helmets in combat? I’ve read that headshots are instant deaths and this is the only reliable way to protect yourself from getting instagibbed.

The save system is one of the most annoying things about this game. There is a mod at which allow unlimited saving if you don’t mind a little ‘cheating’.

Yeah you can save by sleeping in the inn on your own bed, but that is not always practical. Save and exit helped a lot though. But I really didn’t find it that problematic to learn how to brew the schnapps. I got the quest to learn to read right after getting to Rattay after talking with the priest there, so I prioritized it and went to Uzhits to learn. Then just find some belladona and easy peasy.

I haven’t even found any closed helmet yet, but even if I did, I took the perk which makes me anxious in with closed helmet so I will probably try avoid using it. So far I didn’t get into fights where lack of closed helmet would be a problem though.

I really like this system. It at least attempts to limit save scumming which is always a laudable goal. I haven’t lost more than 20 minutes of progress so far which is tolerable. But, I am glad the mods exist for those who want them :)

Never finished this, though I liked it when I was playing. I ran into some bug in a quest somewhere, and also foolishly started the town-building DLC well before I should have (resulting in all of my money siphoning away). I should redo it, and this time try not to suck so badly at sword fighting.

I suck at swordfighting too for now. But I have yet to spend any decent amount of time training with captain Bernard. But nice thing is that very little combat in my 30 hours has been mandatory.
If you are going to replay, I would suggest reinstalling so you get all the updates right in the game and there is no risk of any file corruption. And enable the hardcore mode :)

Well, I always uninstall games to keep my (now paltry 1TB) SSD free for, well, other games. So when I do revisit it, it’ll be a fresh GOG install.

Paul_cze’s impressions reminded me that I should address my backlog and try to get a bit underway with Kingdom Come before Control launches. Outside of the save mod, are there any improvements people would recommend, or should I just stick to vanilla, which I presume has undergone significant changes since launch?

Vanilla is fine, I wouldn’t even use the sage game mod. There’s save and exit option that you can use if you need to step away from the game urgently.