Kingdom Come: Deliverance

I gave up after 20+ hours. There just wasn’t enough to keep me interested. I did appreciate their approach for making something different, but I didn’t find it enjoyable after the first 15 hours or so.

Finished at 58 hours :)

I’d say on one hand it’s a must play, but on the other there’s a fair amount of awkwardness to drag yourself through. And medieval Bohemia was largely made of mud, which depressed me.

Thanks for the recent write ups guys, I may just remove this from the wishlist all together, far more fun games exist.

Eh, maybe. I found a lot of fun simply exploring the amazing (to me) landscape. It’s as close to a realistic medieval-era setting as we’re likely to get in a game. I found the combat often awkward, and the quests often buggy, and yes, the game does drag in the middle. But I don’t regret in the slightest buying it, and will probably return to it at some point in the future and just start from scratch again.

I guarantee it’s a better game than 70% of what you have in your backlog!

The landscape is amazing, in that it’s so real, but it is kind of homogenous. Sometimes you just want a lava level.

I think I disagree. LordKosc has some good stuff in his backlog I believe.

Yep, 70% of an almost 1000 game backlog still leaves 300 good games to play. :P

Anyway my luck this will be in a humble monthly and I’ll end up with it anyway.

So I was correct, it’s about the 300th best game.

What were we talking about again? Hennnnry!