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Yeah, I’m not so much worried about scratching the top (though I’d prefer not to) as I am about the supposed danger of the pan getting too hot and the surface cracking because of that. It seemed odd that a cast iron pan could get that much hotter than say a set of heavy anodized aluminum filled with oil, for example.

Thanks for the input!


I’m not worried about the iron scratching the glass but the iron being very heavy and hard and getting some sand or something trapped under it and scratch it from moving it around the cook top.


Same here, I use my enameled cast iron pan on my glass stove. Never heard it was possibly a bad thing. But I haven’t had a problem yet. Knock on wood.


The only scenario I can think of is if you leave a heavy cast iron pan on a high burner and then forget about it. Maybe the cast iron could get appreciably hotter than stainless or aluminum? My physics was a long time ago, and never that strong in the first place…


Ive been following the cooking thread where kitchen gadgets are often discussed but I never knew we had a dedicated thread here.
Anyway, for those interested, the Breville Smart Oven Air is on sale at amazon now for $319.

The price is still valid but I don’t know for how long, these things usually last for a day before the price jumps back up.


I don’t really see how the pan could get hotter than the surface which is heating it, certainly not to the extent that the temperature differential causes the surface to crack.


Yeah, I suppose the main way would be as @Courteous_D said above, if the pan was left unattended on high heat. Cast iron does hold heat more than other pans, but like you say, it seems weird that it could get hotter than the burner that heated it in the first place, certainly to the extent that would cause the glass to crack.

I guess I’ll go ahead and start using my cast iron and see how it goes!


The pan cannot get hotter than the burner. Heat moves down a temperature gradient. Unless you drill holes in it and attach a thermonuclear device.


The concerns about this I have read are mostly about damaging the pan – a hot spot heats part ot the pan too quickly and it warps. That’s why they should always be heated on low and gradually turned up.


Okay, this will show my embarrassing lack of physics knowledge, but, like, how could a pan possibly get hotter than the actual heat source itself that is heating it?

Like if the glass is not going to crack or melt from the heat source that is heating the pan, how would it crack or melt from the heat of the pan?

EDIT: Yeah, I think about three of us just said the same thing.


Cast iron can warp, but I wouldn’t worry about it unless you have a high-power induction cooktop. Home gas and electric stoves just don’t get hot enough.


The heat source under the glass will not damage the glass. The heat source plus the glass, plus a thick layer of cast iron will not allow heat to radiate into the air. It is quite possible that the glass, sandwiched between heat source and iron, could be subjected to higher temperatures than normal. Especially if the cast iron was red hot. I’m guessing this could stress the glass in a way that would damage its temper and cause damage.


Does anyone use or has used gadgets like this? I love me some soft-boiled eggs, but I don’t need 6 f them at a time. I’m also wondering if it’s any easier than a pot of water and an egg timer you toss in along with the egg.


I am told that you can make perfect boiled eggs easily in an electric (or presumably stove top) pressure cooker but I have never needed boiled eggs of any variety.



Dear God, why would you spend money on an egg cooker? You know what you can make 6 soft boiled eggs in? A saucepan.


Did you mean where you fill the saucepan up with water and then put your immersion cooker in there?


Those egg cookers are awesome. I hated trying to cook them on my gas cooktop. I want to put eggs in a container, start it & come back in 12 minutes without worrying they will boil so hard they will break (which was happening all the time).

My wife laughed when I broke down & bought one, but now that we have it, we all love it. It’s a set & forget…no work at all and perfect eggs 100% of the time. It’s down right tiny - you barely notice it.

I got this one - for $14


It’s a unitasker, which I tend to avoid. I figure if I regularly boil lots of eggs, I’ll get a saucepan routine down pat eventually.

The ad copy is great, though. “Imagine being able to prepare a dozen deviled eggs in under 10 minutes!” I love how someone thought this was a) plausible, b) meaningful, and c) potentially convincing.

It would go well with this more-of-a-thing-than-a-gadget, though, which I use all the time:

This is actually a pie carrier. And it has an insert, so that you can double-stack two shallow pies, if you’re not carrying one big tall one. And in a stroke of genius, they thought to multi-task the insert, with those little dishes for deviled eggs. And in another stroke of genius, they included another insert for the bottom of the carrier, with yet more space for more deviled eggs.

So if you ever need to transport up to 28 deviled eggs, I’m your huckleberry I am the Eggman.


That’s why I feel like the electric pressure cooker/multicooker route makes the most sense. It’s fire and forget like the specialized device, but it does a lot of other shit too.