Langrisser Mobile is Awesome

I think Elwin was probably 35-40% or so health. Probably close enough to almost dead for counting for Assassin purposes. Note: I know very litttle about assassins and just consider their prowess to be waves hands around magic.

And no troops isn’t ideal either, I assume. The Zerida was very unhealthy as well but probably functions better sans troops on account of waves hands around assassin magic.

If you’re really curious, you can rewatch the match, and turn on animations (assuming you have it off.) That should tell the story.

Yes, although I confess I have oftentimes trouble following what is going on in fights with Ninjas: I wish for a slowmotion replay option.

I stole @peacedog’s thunder: week starts great with my 2nd EMB draw!


I got, uh, an Olver’s staff I think (gacha, dragons were quiet today)? I junked it. I’ve also got Hrunting to 40.

So, I have 4 masteries on Leonhardt now and just got the second on Estelle. Think I am going to put runestones into her, even though I technically have better candidates (I just got Landius to 60).

@Left_Empty you use Amazon Champions on her?

I’m jealous! Usual frostrend/wind cutter/seal guardian crap from the weekly draw as usual.

Also looks like Sakura Wars crossover is coming this week.

I spent 2 runestoners only to get the Phalanx, which changed her usability a lot more than I expected. Well for one, my Phalanx are level 9 or so, while the other troops she could use are level 2 or 3 in my book, so of course that didn’t help, but the theme of the Legend of Heroes character is that their troops are only buffers: they are not meant to go into battle. Red Horse Cavalry is a necessity for Leonhardt, as Phalanx are, in my opinion, to Estelle, as she wasn’t able to sustain a single hit before, and she has that tendency to rush into troubles because of her talent. Now it takes an angry Lana to take her down in one shot, and she might actually survive quite a few tanking sessions if no Elwins are involved.

She might be viable in other ways as a real tank, but that’s not how I use her.

4-11 this week in WA. Quite a few matches against people I simply cannot beat. High powered Listells, dps characters with post faction buff attacks in the mid teens.

There have been a handful of really frustrating matches, though.

Twice, my Elwin (6*, finally) has failed to kill Ledin’s that were good but not amazing. No 750-800+ def Ledins here. I don’t understand why. Twice, Leons who really weren’t much better than mine (say, 30+ attack difference so these were basically high 10xx guys) did significant damage to my Ledin.

My Cherie has been dead weight most of the time, so I’m just dropping her from WA. Although I would like someone to explain to me how my cherie - fbuiffed, at like 1088 attack or something - almost killed herself attacking a 666 atk, 300+ def enemy cherie (I was at full health, enemy was like 70%, ended the battle with more health than me). both using Angels, the other Cherie’s were worse than mine. No thorns or anything.

I suck at PVP so I probably blew a couple of matches that were winnable. Most of these weren’t really winnable though. My 4 wins include 2 guys who aren’t even account level 60. So I basically had like 6 “winnable” games out of 15, including two “I will roflstomp this guy”.

I’ll try for Silver III tomorrow but every time I get on the verge of promotion I roll an oppoent who wrecks me.

That Cherie scenario seems really weird. Maybe their Cherie was standing alone, and yours was close to anther friendly unit? Still that’s only a 20-25% reduction, and Cheries are notoriously weak when already damaged. (higher level troops? defensive terrain + flyer bonuses? no idea)

You should try Apex if you haven’t already, decent rewards, you don’t lose points per week and more level playing field in general. This week’s Landius mercenary looks pretty good – better stats than mine anyway.

Gah I forget about that part of her passive. She was alone and mine was not. But that shouldn’t account for the difference. Her angels werent’ better, but I suppose it’s possible she had higher level flier troops overall? I would think the stats would reflect it. I mean they weren’t far from mine (I have level 10s), so they were solid if not pretty good. It’s really been that kind of day. Like it occurred to me maybe the Ledin’s had better overall lancers, and had many more points in the passive that gives more damag reduction at 100%. I can see that. But one of them was sub 600 defense if memoryu serves (the other was like 650, which is fairly beefy), I feel like my Elwin should shred that. Although I am pretty sure Def Break didn’t trigger both times, for sure once.

Elwin cant one shot any tank but some pure lancers. His main attribute for that is the dreadful Sword Soul which guarantees he isn’t countered and killed on the spot by Ledin, but killing him often doesn’t come in the package. Still, he is so weakened he should be dispatched by the next troop then.

Leon’s talent is crazy. It is even better than Lana’s. That plus his attack skills, and oh boy, never underestimate any potentially charging Leon. Even my trusted Vargas, I make sure he never suffers a full charged Leon. If he is breezed? Nowhere to hide anymore, somebody is gonna die next turn :/
Good thing that unlike Zerida, he is weaker when defending. And lots of people actually don’t understand his talents and stupidly use Chivalry.

My Zerida is terrible at defending…since she’s using a Bloody Melody. I’ve been wanting to move Luna’s EMB over to her, but I haven’t gotten a decent roll to surpass the 14% atk I have on the other bloody bow.

This is pretty much why I moved Luna out of archery, as I felt EMB was a bit of waste on her (it’s useful on offense, but flyer Luna kills mages better). I hope you get your good enchant… or not. Keep that thing away!

I have an EMB on Olivier (incredibly nice, but he requires external attention to be used repeatedly) and I put one on Joshua, where he is effectively a waste right now as my Josh is very low powered (not even 4K, but already a pain in the butt in the Arena). I think it would be much more useful on someone like the Succubus chick whose name I forgot. Or of course, the insane Zerida.

So now that Elwin is 6*, I think this is my plan:

  1. 4 shards Leon (just 5/100 to 5*, sadly)
  2. 3* leonhardt to get him to 4* (29/50)
  3. 2* to Tiaris, continuing the slow march to 6* (she is over half way there).

Estelle is now one pip from full masteries.

I still need to work on my six starred Altemuller, and especially Leon. But I enjoy raising everyone so much to 5 :/

Same here, the trek to 6* is tedious and unfun. The two that I have (Lana and Tiaris) I got to 6 mostly by being (un)lucky with dupes. Still, 6* Lana was instrumental to passing a lot of the tough challenge maps, and I should probably get a few more to 6* to make life easier.

Speaking of challenge maps, finished New Glory tonight. Tough, but it was actually quite fun. I didn’t end up using the clock but it definitely helped to know that it was available. Lightless Eulogy, on the other hand looks like torture.

Hrunting is now level 50. And I just rolled at Attack 14%/15 hp 57 enchant on it. I’m using magic on Leonhardt which is probably stupid and now I;m stuck with it FOR-EV-ER because that’s a pretty good roll lol.

That is the enchantment I am using as well.

Wow, 14% and 15 flat atk? That’s pretty damn good (remind me to ban your Leonhardt in uh, 40 days or so ;)) I think in PvP Breeze is usually preferred over any other dps type enchant, but you can’t argue with those numbers.

Yeah I was thinking about that. He’s currently using mobility boots because it was what I had on hand, and mobility. But now I’m stuck on magic FOREVER. I kind ofwish we could separate the random enchant rolls from the actual type of enchant.

It’s probably my best roll on any piece of gear, can’t think of anything else that comes close.

I got an Odin Helm today, but no idea where it would go.

I put mine on Rachel, but it’ll look good on any mage who kills I guess.