Langrisser Mobile is Awesome

Ended up putting about 90 tickets into the Tiaris event… did not snag her. Just the 2 Dieharte’s

Not sure what to save up for now in that department

What’s your team now? Looking at the speculated release schedule there’s a Liana/Tiaris/Rachel focus banner at the end of June. You can try to get Rachel from the upcoming Landius/Rachel banner to guarantee either SSR healer at that point (that’s what I plan on doing to nab Liana.)

My primary team is:

Altemueller (although he has started to fade in strength now that I’m level 53)

Then I rotate in the following depending on the situation:
Egbert (I use him a lot for dessicate)

I’ve been testing Imelda in the healer role, but she doesn’t have enough healing power for most maps, unless I need a secondary healer.

Was also thinking about pumping Anna up to see if she could take the role.

Would like to get a primo caster and a primo healer

Yeah, guess either SSR healer would really complete your team. Bozel from the current focus banner could be the caster you’re looking for, though the free Bozel event might return in a few months.

In particular, Bozel’s sleep skill got me through this week’s A ultimate trial. I guess Bernhardt’s shield bash might work too, but Bozel has better mobility and better range on sleep. He was also instrumental to beating Aniki Rocky for me.

This game really doesn’t want me to play princess

Ouch. Well you’re guaranteed Shelf in one of the upcoming banners (think it’s Shelf/Angelina/Cherie)

90 tickets spent on this banner and nada. Can’t be too mad though since I’ve had stupid good luck for the last few banners.


I like this game by it can be weird as hell… this whole swimsuit thing and the bonds and confessions… just freaking weird

These new heroes any good? I’m saving my stuffs for Leon/Shelf/Luna etc etc

I get the suspicion they are introducing an entirely new faction, which will dilute my investments.

I’m reading that they are good for PvP, not so great for PvE. I’m going to save my vouchers

I think Rachel is ok for PvE and good for PvP. Landius is very good for PvE (especially if you don’t already have a good in faction tank like Vargas or self buffing tank like Ledin/Jugler) and excellent for PvP. I mostly wanted Rachel to guarantee Liana later.

I actually still have a lot of crystals saved up but going to cut my losses for now. They are part of a new faction, as well as part of old ones (Protagonist, I believe)

How do you get so many crystals? Do you buy packs pretty regular?

I have a month and a half of the gift of the goddess thingy, but otherwise I haven’t brought any of the other packs. I get a few hundred a week from pvp, a few hundred from the Timeless trials, a few hundred from the dailies, a few hundred from login rewards, some from the time rifts, they add up after a while.

I’m already stuck on the second challenge map for the special event. Your Feraquea is surrounded by ankis and you have to defeat all of them.

I typically try to consolidate my forces on one side of the map in these situations, but the troops are so enormously squishy and the healing inadequete.

Any tips?

Nevermind - passed it on my next run.

So turns out 10th time is the charm - got Rachel on a lark since they’ve been so generous with the free vouchers lately. She’s actually pretty good - flying mage, can use sorceress, has best single target spell (dark reaper) and good unique anti-mage/holy aoe. Also, all the good stuff is in one tree so no need for rune. Still, overlaps too much with Lana (who I have at 5*, going on 6) for investment right now. Mostly I’m just excited that I’m guaranteed Liana on the upcoming banner.

Right now doing end game stuff I think I’m mostly held back by lack of Liana and Elwin. Elwin because he’s useful in so many Endless Temples, and I don’t have any good infantries like Bern or Elwin (I have Lanford, but he is more niche and requires runes.) Liana because in the later timeless trials it would be really really good get Leon to go twice.

Revisiting “privileges”:

I saw a post about which crystal pack was the most efficient but I can’t remember where it is.

The clock has very useful when unlocking new dragons + anikis.

I finally cleared all the level 45 dragons as a level 55 yesterday. Painful.

Up to the level 50 time rift and getting close to having access to all upgrade materials

I find that the key to dragons is to take your time with the trash in the beginning. For the fire dragon, if you head straight to the left and ignore the group at the top, those mobs will come after you after 5 turns. So you can wait until Chivalry is up to engage each group. Usually once you get to the dragon it doesn’t actually take that long to down them.

Same for the ice dragon - in lvl 60 and 65 the sorceresses are lethal, so you can wait for the top group to come down so you can get first strike.

I’ve saved up about 120 tickets right now. I was wondering if it is worth it to take a shot an Elwin/Ledin event next week… running mostly Empire right now, but either of those heroes seem like they would be good to buff up for the future if i want to start running any other factions