Langrisser Mobile is Awesome


Same, no luck in last few pulls. Out of curiosity, how’s everyone’s draws? Out of 185 (you can see in the challenge tab of missions, there’s a challenge to hit 200 pulls), I’ve gotten Leon, Ledin, Lana, Lana which is about 2% now. The easy free tickets and crystals are drying up, unfortunately.


They have got to change the Arena. Almost every loss I suffer is by someone 5 - 10 levels higher than I am. Likewise, why pair me with someone ranked 16 when I am 28? Very unbalanced.


I find myself evenly matched most of the time (unless I pick the lower tier, which is not rewarding), although the rewards for higher leveled opponents aren’t up to the risk I think.
Overall, I get a couple of loss each day.
I haven’t been able to try the world arena yet because of the silly time restrictions.

Besides the free Cherie, I got 4 SSR: Leon (simply amazing), Luna (almost amazing), Ledin (not as good as his numbers would make you think, but still almost on par with an unfocused Matthew, and a good Phalanx deterrent) and Elwin (the last of my Phalanx deterrent trio, but only for that purpose).
The Challenge tab mission takes into account Friendship vouchers as well as Golden ones, so we can’t get quite accurate data using it. 155 summons here, from which I’d say 100 were probably from golden ones.

I got my hand two days ago on Imelda, who is so handy she found a spot on my regular time rifting team, I switch her and Luna depending on the situation.


Snagged Altemueller, Egbert and Emerick tonight.

Excited to swap Altemueller in with Leon. Should leave me highly mobile. Also excited to see how Egbert performs, since he is so highly rated on SR lists. Emerick seems like a throwaway.


SR lists? I’ve seen references to guides within the game, but they seem related to playing a single scenario — although I haven’t tried to check them out, I usually end up on blocked page on my tablet because they seem to be opening social media pages.


Oh, I just meant tier lists and rankings you can find w some googling.


Egbert is pretty cool. I haven’t really used him much yet, but the aoe’s he has are awesome when I do that goblin treasure room. Feel like he’d be pretty good in PVP.

I got the SSR from the Epic Eatery event, though I heard they are the worst SSR. I haven’t really messed with them yet. Teaming up with others is really the way to go on that, it was too hard for me to solo when it first came out and you’d have to do it so many times to get far into it. Now to work towards Matthew’s skin.


I am hitting a wall on the current Endless Trial’s D+ trial 3 level.
The requirement to not lose more than one unit is pretty insane, given the major damage buff to most of the enemy units that encircle your splitted guys.
I’ve tried going all magical offense and going all defense and healing, but even my best tanks go down in a single round and a half of that onslaught — and then the hunt is open on all the other guys.


In case anybody wondered: once you have unlocked an alternate development path with a Rune Stone, you can switch in and out at leisure (if you got the funds).
I can’t believe I dilluted my ressources over so many characters. Time to build that crazy amazing spellcaster and get Leon some mobility!


Major update coming on March 21. Be sure that you login each day for some pretty hefty rewards (i got 3 gold hammers and 2 gold vouchers today). Also, be sure to click the ‘Events’ and claim some rewards there as well.


I don’t remember that D+ level. but I had a similar issue with one of the epic eatery maps when I was underlevelled. The team wasn’t separated but spread wide and surrounded. I couldn’t keep my tank in the center or he’d get overwhelmed; I couldn’t put both high mobility Leon / Cherie far away from the tank because I need them to weaken the leviathans that would be hitting the tank next turn. I ended up putting Hein in the farthest slot, and had him teleport to the tank immediately.


Those are nice draws, I’m envious! For me, Ledin has been MVP and the lynchpin to all my plans. I used my first runestone on him so that he has both Divine Guard from the middle class and a selection of troop types for the right path.


Man, the summons are really driving me crazy. My blood pressure probably can’t take much more of it. I’ve only drawn Leon (but i drew him three times on my first pull, so he is 4 stars) and Altemueller thus far, and it is frustrating saving up crystals and vouchers and pulling 20 summons and just getting garbage.

Yes, I understand that is the hook - but i’m desperate to start rounding out my main squad, and with the vouchers and crystals starting to dry up…


Yeah, it’s frustrating. Check this list if you haven’t seen it already. it’s a list of likely banner events to come. I’m saving up my tickets and crystals to draw only on focus banners, because the only thing more frustrating than drawing no SSRs is drawing duplicate SSRs…


After messing with the Runestone, you are right: Levin freaking rocks. What a defending beast, his sacred unit’s lack of weakness spots make him really incredible, and coupled with that crazy DEF+MDF=ATK skill? Just insane.
Sorry, Freya, Vargas, you’re out of the team!


I started playing this weekend and I got to level 25.

The bond missions seem very hard. Are they doable at 25?


Team building is your friend: it is encouraged (you use 20% less food) and you can partner with higher level people who can cover your butt.
Or maybe you mean the specific characters ones? Those are a bit higher then their req seem to imply, but they also vary deeply. For instance, Luna’s first mission is insane to undertake at anything lower than level 35.
You can attempt them as much as you want: they don’t consum your food or your daily attempts limit if you fail.


Yes, these:


Yeah the difficulty varies greatly for those. I finally beat Lana’s first mission at level 36 yesterday. I was practically tearing my hair out with that one, difficulty level 25 my ass. She has a difficulty level 30 one after that which I did on my first try.


Ha, yeah, that mission is particularly cheap. 3v1 as a glass mage unit, and then they port in cavalry against you before you can even react.