League of Legends: Official Thread

This game is a F2P MOBA game developed by Riot Games. It is available to download here, just ensure that you choose the correct region while making your account as right now it is impossible to switch regions. There is a Mac Client available but you will have to use your Google Fu to find it as it is technically in Closed Beta and I don’t own a Mac. If you are new to this genre or type of game then you should check out the Official New Player Guide to get a gist of it. Alternatively there’s now a video guide done by CLG (a professional team) the first episode of which can be found here.

So this is now the official League of Legends thread for Qt3 since Stusser has gone on a server optimizing binge :)

I figure I’ll use the chance to include some nice links, etc for new players aswell as try to maintain a list of active Qt3 players. But for now I’m just making the post so that we have somewhere else to talk.

The Character Build Thread

Active US Qt3 Players:
In-game Name - Forum Handle

ContraryJackal - AntiBunny
Idrisz - Idrisz
mxlm - Maxle
LzyShftlssBstrd - LazyShiftlessBastard
MrCoffeez - Mr Coffee
TinyPirate - Calistas
Naterstein - Naterstein
Vonnegut - Jason McMaster
DragonPup - DragonPup
Slantz - Slantz
Belisarius118 - Belisarius (I know there’s two of you, so unsure which handle)
Bluemax - Bluemax
Chequers - Chequers
Copet14 - Copet
EspressoJim - espressojim
Inigma - guppy
PogoTribal - Pogo
Ultrazen - Ultrazen
Therlun - Therlun
mcknight27 - McKnight
Lokust Phoenix - Nathan Phoenix
Wisbech - Wisbechlad
Waynegrow - Wingrow
Harkonis - Harkonis
Cougardc - Cougar
forgeforsaken - forgeforsaken
MrBismarck - MrBismarck
Lord Fauntleroy - Flowers
ravenfly - Adam B
Skystride - SkyStride
SlyFrog - SlyFrog
Black Isis - Black Isis
BanzaiExsulum - Banzai
ArcherOfLoaf - ?
terpiscorei - terpiscorei
Pastrami Reuben - Mike Cathcart
Tyjenks - Tyjenks
frank austin - frank austin

Joining the chat room “Qt3” can be a hnady way to meet up with people, although it ain’t foolproof because a few don’t use it. Please let me know either in thread or through PM if I’ve forgotten you or you want to be added to this list at any time.

EU Qt3 Players:

We all use a communal mumble server which is shared with some GWJ people, OcUK and most of the Runeterran EU community, info for which is here. Please PM either myself, Tals or Kirian in order to obtain the password (mcknight27, Talsworthy, Odyssa respectively in-game). We all hang out and organize our games there, and if you are new most of us are usually more then happy to give a few pointers/offer a helping hand… The Mumble community as a whole is a pretty friendly bunch.

Handy Links for new Players:

Official New User Guide is definitely worth the read if you have never played a game of this type before, alternatively CLG (a pro team) have done there own found here.
Tier 3 Rune Breakdown and Rune Analysis
Mumble Download Link
Mobafire and Leaguecraft are really nice sites to look for if you are completely new to the game as they will give you basic advice on anything you want.
A explanation of Team Comp and Character Roles for higher level players and a much more New Player focused Character Role Guide
ColbyCheeze, a well known community commentator, is running a series called “Summoner Academy” which is good viewing for both new and veteran players alike.
What counters what anyway? (Spreadsheet)
Zoning Tutorial (100% Required watching for newbies)

Yay for new threads :)


I’m chequers both on this forum and in game.

Sorry Chequers, I forgot you changed your name a while back.

You forgot to mention:

Lokust Phoenix in game

Naterstein = Naterstein sho’nuff.

Wisbechlad = Wisbech. But at lvl 28.

Crap. I’m on the South East Asian server, but I would have happily played with the guys closer to my time zone. I’ll look into whether I can get into the US server and post my name up then.

I fucking love Irelia.

She’s awesome ain’t she ;)

Waynegrow in game.

I am teh failz though.

Tell me about it! I discovered her a while back, really really liked her, then had a friend try her and decide to make her his main.

So I moved on… and discovered the 2nd love of my life, Rumble.

Although as of now, Olaf is still my main.

I ain’t high ELO but Rumble isn’t hard: maybe you get gold/5 items but in general you are looking at sorc boots, Rylais, then negatron and chainmail, then build either of those into Abyssal or Zhonyas, depending on the enemy. Game will be over by then.

I pretty much build Morde the same way, hell, Kennen and Akali too, they all suit tanky AP with perhaps a Haunting Guise in there as well.

You don’t build revolver? it sounds nice on him.

What is this new thread madness? Now arguments will be repeated even more!

I thought you said something about always laning with your wife? You run Olaf in lane?

Stusser didn’t exactly leave us much choice.

Just doesn’t add enough tanginess for me. Or tankiness, thanks iPhone!

I would rather the early big HP boost from the belt than some marginal healing off relatively low damage abilities. You aren’t going to be hitting people for all of your flamethrower, hell, with creeps around you might not even be able to spear the enemy often in the laming phase. A big buffer is very handy.

everyone leave early on monday?

came back to see if anyone want a game around 12 and no one around.