LEGO Ultimate Collectors Millennium Falcon Time Lapse

Edit: Oops, can’t embed. Here’s the link:

This is what I did for a couple of weeks of evenings before Christmas. It was a load of fun. Since I took one frame every 150 and the footage is 3:38, at 30FPS that’s…110 minutes? That doesn’t seem right. It was more like 20 hours.

Anyway, a lot of time!

Wow, I just watched it and THAT is going on my birthday want list. If I don’t get it, I gotta buy it.

Awesome job!

It’s a hell of set, but I got it used. Even then it was a bit painful to pay for!

That’s extremely cool, Joel. Grats on getting featured on Boingboing, too!

Sheesh, what’s that sucker go for, retail?



I’m pretty jealous! I got the Death Star II for Christmas and built it over the span of 3 days, but you’re basically putting together the same section over and over again. The Millenium Falcon looks way more interesting

I like the occasional pauses where it’s clear Joel went to get a Mountain Dew / take a piss.

I’ve got an older revision of it, along with the Ultimate Collector’s X-wing and damn near every piece of Classic Star Wars Lego.

Edit: My mistake, my Millennium Falcon isn’t the Ultimate Collector’s version, I didn’t even know this was out, shit you’re going to make me spend hundreds on this now!

Did you have any problems with missing parts? When I got to the last 2 top pieces I found I was out of the 2x4 flat boards, and when I just proceeded without them as best as possible, I found at the end that I had tons of 2x3 flat boards left over, as well as some other junk. Kinda disappointing.

I think that it should just be mandatory that large construction sets should have tons of extras of all pieces, just in case.

Plus, they could include instructions for some other smaller models that can built with potential leftovers.

Holy Christ, $700!??


Looks like fun. We’ve been going thru a bunch of the classics with my oldest recently (x-wing, at-st, hoth base, imperial landing craft, and the republic cruiser). Need to get the Y-Wing and a Tie Fighter.

Hmmm, that’s interesting. Comes up as $700 in CDN. I wonder what that extra $200 is coming from?

Snow mexican tax.

Maybe they tack that onto the bill because Canadians are lousy tippers?

this thread delivers

I got it used. The guy I bought it from said he did end up coming up short a few pieces, but LEGO had sent replacements by the time I got it. I ended up with quite a few extra pieces myself.

Awesome vid.

I have the ultimate collectors edition of the Y-Wing, X-Wing, Tie Interceptor, and Star Destroyer.

They’re taking up a LOT of space. :(

It took me almost a year to build the Star Destroyer. With a set that large, you spend over 80% of your time just searching the bags for pieces.

In all these sets, I’ve never had a missing piece. It’s my belief that if you think you’re missing pieces, you actually screwed up and used the wrong piece(s) someplace else. Which is very easy to do, especially with the light gray / dark gray pieces.

If you give LEGO a call they’re very good about sending missing pieces. When I’ve done it before I’ve gotten the shipment free of charge in less than a week.

That’s awesome :)