Let's count the ways Valorant makes me feel old

Valorant, the new free-to-play team shooter from Riot makes me feel all of my years.

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Ha, great review. More please!

Battlefield 1942 was The Last Good Shooter.

Also, The Last Shooter I Was Good At.

Your to old for gams.

Battlefield 1942 was my jam! I still enjoyed Battlefield 2 because of my ability to be immensely useful as either one of the support classes or the eye-in-the-sky commander.

If I can’t be in a vehicle of some sorts then supporting my fellow infantrymen is my path to winning MVP awards for the map\round. Whilst my infantryman marksman skills mightn’t have been the best my skill with supporting everyone else was unparalleled. Fortunately I was better when encased within a tank or something, so I still occasionally got to rack up the kills.

I see a game like this and think to myself, Splash Damage released a game called Dirty Bomb a few years ago that did it better, but sadly died off due to a shrinking community.

I like Valorant quite a bit.

LOL! Hilarious response!

Planetside 2 is my favorite shooty game. Because I be rubbish at the shooty part and my outfit will still protect me in exchange for ammo and rezes.

I like Warzone, because a lot of my old-man accuracy problems are resolved by dual-wielding RPGs.

Nick - Have you considered gitting gud?

A fan of Maxim #6 are we? “If violence wasn’t your last resort, you failed to resort to enough of it.”

I thought about it, but then I promptly forgot once my Geritol kicked in.

See, that’s your issue right there.


I do think the game has a length problem. 13 rounds is way too much. The guns don’t feel right, and I wonder if that’s a side effect of counter strike. You might as well not use the ADS at any point because it provides little benefit but restricts your view. It’s a weird game.

Yeah, it almost feels like ADS was added because it was expected.

This kind of game is not for me anymore, but I enjoyed reading this. Nice review, Nick.

It’s rarely worth using, but as an option it’s also confusing for players from other shooters. The standard hipfire recoil is more like 1.6 and has a lot of random deviation after a handful of shots, but will not kick your crosshair around.

When ADS it DOES move your crosshair with the recoil more akin to something like pubg, where you actually just need to try and keep the crosshair on the target rather than using it as a visual cue to adjust for the recoil independently.

I just tell folks to never ADS unless they’re tapping at a long range target or it’s just not worth it.