Let's settle the debate. Die Hard.

  • Die Hard is a Christmas movie
  • Die Hard is not a Christmas movie
  • Shit Bonerz

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It most definitely is!

I love watching it at Christmas anyway.

Die Hard is a movie that takes place over Christmas. That’s not the same thing as a Christmas movie.


It’s a movie about a person estranged from his family reuniting with them at Christmas, which is shown at Christmas. Of course it’s a Christmas movie. I don’t understand how there’s even a debate. It’s like saying the Doctor Who Christmas Special isn’t a Christmas special.

Because the fact that it takes place at Christmas has absolutely no bearing on anything that happens in the movie. You could have set Die Hard over spring break and everything would still happen the same way. The fact that it’s Christmas is a detail. You can’t say that about A Christmas Story or Miracle on 34th Street.

It’s not Christmas until Hans falls from the tower.

The movie wouldn’t even happen if it wasn’t Christmas. There’s no imperative to see your family at Spring Break. Is Planes, Trains and Automobiles not a Thanksgiving movie?

The reason all those people are in Nakatomi Plaza at night was because it was their Christmas party. No such thing as a Spring Break office party, though that would be awesome.

FOX would like to make a statement.

I’m pretty sure that’s not what Die Hard is actually about.


Right now the people are speaking. Only four out of 45 of you think Die Hard is NOT a Christmas movie. You might as well give in now.

Don’t listen to Bruce Willis, he’s become kindof a jerk when it comes to Die Hard. Listen to FOX. You can trust FOX.

Here’s Kevin Smith talking about working with Bruce on Die Hard 4. Sounds like a cool dude.

Now here’s Kevin Smith telling just one of what he says are a bunch of stories about why he now hates Willis after directing him on Cop Out.

That doesn’t even make sense! He could have been flying across country to see his family for any number of reasons, maybe even just because they’re his family? Or do you think he would be saying, aw crap, it’s not Christmas - no reason to go see the kids I guess!

But on the other hand, shut up.

There is no set definition for a christmas movie, except that Christmas is part of the theme, therefore it’s all subjective. If you believe Die Hard is a christmas movie, then it is, for you. If you don’t then that works too. For what its worth, the studio has advertised it as a christmas movie. Anyway, I vote Christmas movie because it is.

Wrong. It is a Christmas movie for everyone. Like climate change, it’s science, there’s no arguing with it.

I had to work on Christmas many years in a row. And I always made sure to catch Die Hard at some point during the shift. So for me, at least, it is and will always be a Christmas movie.

I have no feeling one way or the other on whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie, but I know that I prefer watching it with the family over A Christmas Story, A Christmas Carol, or almost any of the other traditional picks.

Well I can see which way the wind is blowing and I know better than to get between an emotional response and its cause so I’m out. Have fun with your Christmas movie, folks.