Links to all the QT3 Movie Podcasts


I made an audible yelp on a commuter train.


Yep, same at my workstation here.


“There’s a hawk and a volcano and they’re all just tripping balls”.


“Kelly likes it when you go down into the V’s.”


What an interesting decision for the three of you to act like nothing at all happened, by the way! (I haven’t listened all the way through, because it sounds like I will like It Follows, and I don’t want anything spoiled (beyond what the tagline already cost me), so maybe the three of you have a spontaneous party in mid-podcast.)

In any case, I am so happy. :)


I was going to skip this one, since I’d never heard of “It Follows.” Thanks for the heads up, marquac. I’ve got a ginormous smile on my face now.


I was delighted to hear you again, Tom! Welcome back.


I think we were a little confused at the beginning, and regaining our footing. Also had some tech issues before recording, so once we finally got started, we just ran with it. I kept thinking I wanted to say something, but I could not wedge it in at the opening of the show.

Once we get to the mini-movie-clubapalooza section of the show, I regain my composure and make a point of welcoming Tom back.

In any case, I agree. Very happy.



RE Child 44:

I don’t know if Tom has heard about it. HBO did a made for TV movie back in the mid 90’s Called “Citizen X”.

which has some of the similar ideas of “Child 44” except based on a true story. Being made for TV, Production values are less, but the story is much better than C44.


Does anyone use Overcast on iOS to listen to podcasts? If so, does it work with the movie podcasts?

Overcast has its own feed crawling back end, so I don’t know if the problem is something with the Qt3 feed, or with Overcast’s interpretation of it; my suspicion is that it’s the latter but I have no way of knowing.

When I try to add the podcast in Overcast, either through the iTunes link or the front page URL, it will correctly start immediately downloading whatever the most current episode is, but when I try to go back and download older episodes, the most recent thing it finds is Black Sea (Feb 2) and then all the earlier movies.

Is there a different feed URL I can try? Does anyone else use Overcast and have this work okay? Thanks.


This was happening with Downcast for me this morning too. It went away once the new episode was up. I think it’s an issue with the RSS feed. Refreshing it a few times usually works for me.

I really like that the RSS feed still contains the entire history because I occasionally go back and listen to old episodes when I finally get a chance to see the movie, and having them all there in the app makes it easy for me.


Hmmm, thanks for the response. No amount of refreshing in Overcast will make the other recent episodes show up for me, maybe I’ll just have to reinstall Downcast for the movie podcast. Maybe it’s some combination of a problem with the RSS feed, and the fact that I have no way to make the Overcast server refresh the actual feed, I’m only refreshing my request to Overcast’s server.


Question: can anyone tell me which of the podcasts had the 3x3 for which Dingus had watched a bunch of films he’s never seen, including Road Warrior and Dark Star? I’d like to listen to that again. Kelly’s joy!


I think you are looking for the Inside Llewyn Davis podcast. The 3x3 is things you’ve never seen in a movie before. I don’t think Road Warrior gets brought up during the 3x3, but each of Dingus’ three choices make Kelly very happy.


If you’re looking for other Kelly Wand joy, check out his reaction to my choices for his “Best Running Gags” topic in the podcast we did for The Divide.

Also, since I know Chris probably won’t blow his own horn on this, marquac created and maintains an excellent thread where he breaks down and showcases the particulars of all of our shows. It is a thing of beauty and I am grateful to him for it, as he knows.



I’m having this issue too. Looking at the RSS feed– – it seems the most recent podcast, per the feed, is Black Sea.

The whole thing is very weird because I only found this problem because I tried to resubscribe to QT3 today, but I could have sworn last week the feed was working fine.


I see that happen too, but then if you refresh a few times, you’ll get the current one instead.

If I had to guess, I’d imagine that the problem has something to do with the way wordpress is set up to cache things across multiple web servers, but I have no idea how the site is set up :).


Same here. I started truck driving last year and have enjoyed the Qt3 Movie Podcasts, a lot. Great work, guys. Someone should hook you up with EW on Sirius XM.


Thank you so much, Neal. And thank you for reminding me of Hal9000’s post. I’m at a loss to say how much these kind of responses mean to me.

I won’t try. It would just be dumb if I did. So let me just say thank you. It means so much to read posts like that. To all of us.

That said, now I’m going to see a movie called Larry Gaye: Renegade Male Flight Attendant. I just want you to know, Neal (and Hal9000), you’ve given me the resolve to do that.



My pleasure, Christien. And I’m so glad to hear Tom again. Welcome back, Mr. Chick.

Good luck with that Larry Gaye movie ;)